valentine’s day scavenger hunt.

As I said in my previous post, I had a suprise waiting for my husband when he got home. I want to share it, because I had fun with it. It’s a cheap, yet thoughtful gift and when you have a low budget, stuff like this works!

Now, these were the clue cards that I left around the house for him. I just cut hearts out of white cardstock, lined the outside edge with red marker and cut a small pink heart to mark the order so he would know he found the correct one. Each clue (somewhat) rhymed. I had fun with it.

I left a bag of iced sugar cookies that said “You’re a smart cookie! Keep it up.” about halfway through the hunt. It was just for a little encouragement. 🙂

The final clue led him to the fridge where his gift was hidden. What was inside?……

Homemade chocolate covered strawberries! Am I the best wife ever or what? Haha. I had never made these before, but it actually was easier than I thought. A lot messier than I had imagined, but very easy to make! The strawberries I got at the store were HUGE. For the container, it was $2.86 and the melting chocolate bars were each about $2 (milk and white chocolate). So I spent a total of $8 on his gift. I already had the red sprinkles at home and just added those as some extra decoration.

He said the entire time he was doing the scavenger hunt, he had a smile on his face. I guess my mission was accomplished then. I’m glad it all went over as smoothly as planned.

I can’t say I’m the only thoughtful gift giver of the relationship though. I woke up yesterday morning (he had already left for work) and found this in the dining room:

A cute “I love you” balloon and my favorite kind of wine with a sweet card. I have a great husband.

The Lord has truly blessed me.


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