DIY key holder.

This is the key holder I made shortly after my husband and I moved in to our new apartment. He and I would constatly misplace our keys, so I decided it was time for some organization. I got the idea for the look of it from pinterest (of course!), but customized it to my own liking.

Here are the supplies I needed to finish the project:

A wooden shadowbox frame from hobby lobby (I painted it black), $4.99

A wooden initial “L” for our last name, (I painted it blue to match our living room), $1.99

A package of “cup hooks” from walmart in the home improvement section, (mine were actually silver), $2.99

2 different colored felt squares for the flower in the corner from Hobby Lobby (I used blue and black, of course), $.25/each

As you can see, the entire project cost about $10. It was very easy, fun, and it looks great in our living room. Needless to say, we don’t missplace our keys anymore.

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