wine bottle vase.

This is the centerpiece on our kitchen table right now. I made it a few weeks ago after purchasing a bottle of Bella Bolle Mascato. I have to be honest, it was definitely the bottle color and design that drove me to buy this product, so good job marketing team! After it was gone, I washed it out and peeled all of the stickers off. I like the simplicity of it, because at first I was going to decorate the bottle with either a few decals or some paint pens. But after putting the single yellow daisy inside, I decided I liked the more plain look of it. I chose to use a fake flower verses a real one so that I didn’t have to fill the vase with water or mess with petals falling all over the table. It brightens my day a little to walk out into the kitchen and see this every morning. It was a very cheap, easy, and simple project, but I’m proud of it because it makes me smile.


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