gas is overrated.

As I sat trying to get my car to start over and over again in the middle of 5 o’clock traffic (luckily on a side, less busy street) I thought to myself, “Why in the world did I not get gas before I went to the bank?” Yes folks, yesterday I did the stupidest thing I’ve ever done…I ran out of gas. After trying numerous times to get into the closest parking lot, I noticed it just so happened to be a Napa Auto Center. I couldn’t quite get my car over the slope of their parking lot, so I went to find some help. I found someone at the service center and asked if he’d help me get my car out of the way. He helped and I was very thankful for that.

Next, was the hardest part. Calling my husband to have him come help me. I say it’s the hardest, not because he’s not understand, but because he has told me 100 times not to let my gas tank get under a quarter tank. And here I was, stranded, when he had to be somewhere in 10 minutes. But he saved the day. He came and got me and we went to get gas down the road and brought it back to put in my car. We had to make a make-shift gas can, which actually worked out quite well. I’m just always amazed at how he knows exactly what needs to be done in situations like those. I’m so thankful for his patients with me, his generosity towards me, and his ability to forgive me and love me when I’m somewhat un-lovable.

Moral of the story: I have learned my lesson. I will not ever let my gas tank get below a quarter of a tank. It is truly not worth the stress.

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