faith and fruit.

Recently I was browsing through my twitter homepage and I came across this quote by Tim Keller posted by a fellow tweeter:

You are saved by faith, not fruit. But you will never be saved by fruitless faith. Real faith will inevitably lead to growth.

I’m not gonna lie, that’s quiet a tongue twister. But more than that, it’s an incredibly true statement that we sometimes forget. I’m always amazed at the endless debates on faith vs. deeds, because in my opinion, they must both be present in a person. It’s not one or the other. In the Bible, in the book of James it states: “faith without deeds is dead”. How could someone have the Holy Spirit present in them and not have the desire to serve others? And not just to serve for self-righteousness, but for the glory of the Lord. Again in James it says: “Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith BY my works. See, the two can’t exist without one another. If you have never read the book of James, I highly encourage you to. It’s one of my favorite books and it has certainly challenged me in my walk with Christ.

I really just wanted to share this quote, because it never hurts to hear this again, even if you’ve read the book of James many times. Sometimes I tend to get caught up more in the “to-do list” than the “to lead others to Christ list” and it helps to be reminded of this. I love volunteering and helping others, but I need to remember WHY I’m doing these things and WHO the glory is for, not just to check off a list of accomplishments.

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