fifteen fun and frugal dates.

Being young newlyweds, my husband and I try to pinch just about every penny we can. We like to have fun, we like to try new things, and we love adventures. We also know the importance of saving. We want to save as much as we can now, so we don’t have to worry about spending when we have (Lord willing) children. We have become very creative with dates; even before we were married, we would do random things for date nights and I loved it. I decided to come up with a list of fifteen dates that we have found fun and cute/romantic, because really when you go on dates, it’s all about bonding. If you’re as frugal as we are, you’ll love these. As you can tell, we are very much outdoor people. So most of our dates are outdoors. Enjoy!


1. Rent a movie ($1 section!), make dinner together and watch the movie while you eat. After dinner, make milkshakes.

2. Go to a local coffee house and bring (or sometime they have them there) a board game, such as scrabble or checkers. Split a drink to support the business.

3. (in the winter) Get a gingerbread house kit and build it together!

4. On the weekends, bars have local bands playing (no cover charge usually), go enjoy a show.

5. Get your parents to let you barrow home videos of the both of you growing up. Make a homemade pizza together and laugh the night away.


6. Go play a game of tennis. Look at yard sales and/or thrift shops, I always see raquets there.

7. Find a near-by park with hiking trails. Go on an afternoon hike and pack a picnic lunch. Find a good spot to stop and eat.

8. Get the schedule for your local minor league baseball team and go to a game. Tickets are usually just $5-10. (bg hot rods are $7)

9. Kayak down a close-by river (If you don’t own kayaks/conoes, you probably know someone who does – ask around!).

10. Ride your bikes to the closest gas station, get a couple slurpees and head to the closest park to enjoy them.

11. During the warmer months, find an orchard in your area and spend the day trying different fruits there.

12. Go to the local humane society and walk the dogs and play with the cats.

13. There’s always special deals and coupons at Baskin Robins – check them out, take advantage, and enjoy some ice cream together!

14. Go camping. Most state parks don’t charge for camping and we bought a tent on sale during winter.

15. Drive out to the country and watch the sunset, then star gaze for awhile, enjoying a glass of wine – if you are of-age!

There ya have it. I’ll try to add more blog posts about these as we come up with new ideas. Hopefully you found this somewhat inspirational!

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