diy collage flowerpot.

Over the weekend I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine and I made this collage flowerpot for her! I got the idea awhile back after I saw a picture on a blog, only it was the person’s grandkids and I changed a few other small things about it. But I thought still, what a cute idea for a newly married couple! So, I printed off pictures of the two of them and bought a plain clay flowerpot at the store. Then I taped the pictures and the initial “M” to the pot and then added ‘mod podge’ on top to weatherize it a bit – so if it rained, the pictures wouldn’t get ruined. Then I painted the top part of the pot and the dish it sits on black. I just used acrylic paint for that. Finally, I added a green polka-dot bow to give it some color (and if you can’t tell people, I’m not a professional bow tier, so cut me some slack). Green is her favorite color, so I thought that would be appropriate. It turned out better than I expected and I’m very thankful for that, because I was a bit nervous when I was making it, that it wouldn’t turn out good. To add a little something extra, I placed black tissue paper in the bottom of the pot and stuck bamboo kitchen utensils all around it.

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