got my hurr did.

Last week I got my hair cut and I’ve been meaning to upload a picture, just kept forgetting. I thought I’d snap a quick picture and share (in case anyone was just dyyying to see it).

the new do.

After the race, I was positive I wanted nothing more to do with my long hair. It’s hot and took forever to dry and fix in the morning. I love my short hair; it takes me about 10 minutes to get ready now. Bring it on, hot, humid, muggy, kentucky, summer weather. Bring it.

In other news, Chris and I are playing on our church’s intramural co-ed softball team. We had two games last night. We lost the first one (which we were hanging with them until the last inning when things went a little bonkers). But thankfully, we came back a won the second game. We played different teams each game. I was very pleased with how well everyone played. I think we have a good team and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season goes. Playing all this softball has made me miss it. I played all of my childhood and it brings back some great memories. ::sigh::

Alright, enough of memory lane.

On a completely different note: VACATION to NYC is just 42 days away. hallelujah!


5 thoughts on “got my hurr did.

  1. I’ve been having the urge to chop mine off as well! How is triathlon training coming? I have had thoughts about trying it out as well, even though I hate swimming!

    • You should cut it! My friend that trained for the half with me cut hers the same day as me and neither of us knew the other one was doing it. Pretty funny! And the triathlon training is pretty non-existant at this point. We are going to start next week. My knees set us back a week, but they are feeling better! And you should totally do a tri! The swimming part won’t be that bad, I’m more worried about biking 13 miles. eek.

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