asante sana, squash banana.

It might just be me, but I feel like here recently there have been a lot of things come up that remind me and make me miss Kenya. I know I was only there three weeks (a far cry from my husband’s five month adventure there), but it was still the best three weeks of my life. I learned so much from the people I encountered and the entire experience itself. I went over to Kenya to help make a difference in THEIR lives and it actually turned out to make a difference in MY life, more than I ever expected.

God is good.

The other day, Chris and I randomly ran into the guy (Dennis) who helped us get to Africa, because his sister started the orphanage we volunteered with. Dennis and Chris met at WKU, a few months before Chris was going to graduate. He decided he wanted to use those five months after graduation to volunteer before starting work. Dennis was a graduate student at WKU who grew up in Kenya, but moved here for education and work.

Every time that I have seen Dennis since our journey to Africa, the memories immediately rush back. All I can think about are those precious kids and their contagious laughs, those adorable smiles and their toothless grins; it almost always brings tears to my eyes.

After talking with Dennis for a while, he introduced us to his friend that was graduating with her Masters from WKU and they invited us to her graduation party. As soon as the words “African food will be there” left his mouth, we were sold. The party was that coming Saturday evening (last Sat.). I was stoked.

When we got to the party on Saturday, they were just about ready to line up for the food. I went through the line and recognized almost every dish on the table. Of course among these was my favorite, chapati (kind of like flatbread). They had goat meat (usually served at special occasions in Kenya – such as christmas and other celebrations), rice (very different tasting from what we’re used to in America), coo coo (chicken), a meat and vegitable mix, and more. I was just so happy to be eating this delicious food again.

It’s funny looking back now, because when I was preparing to leave for Kenya, I thought, “I’m going to lose so much weight while I’m gone. I won’t like any of their food!” Boy, was I wrong. I loved the food! I literally can’t think of one meal I did not like.

Anyways, back to the original point of this post: I MISS KENYA! Everytime I walk into our living room and see the picture of two little boys from the orphanage sitting on our bookshelf, I want to go back. Everytime I pray for Kenya, I want to go back. Everytime I hear someone even mention Africa, I want to go back. I want to go back!

Can you tell I want to go back?

Chris and I are continually praying that the Lord would show us where he wants us to be over the next couple of years. At least I know where my heart is.

PS: Asante sana means thank you very much in swahili. Rafiki was just being silly when he said squash banana in The Lion King.

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