feelin’ kind of corky. (diy wine cork recipe/picture holder)

For the past ten months I have been collecting wine corks in hopes of some day coming up with a project to use them on. Over the weekend I finally found the perfect project and realized I had enough wine corks to complete it. I’ve been wanting something to attach my recipe cards to when I’m baking/cooking, so I made a cork strip. I didn’t take step by step photos like those professional tutorial people, but I think you get the idea. It’s an easy enough project that you can probably figure out how I made it without seeing all the details. That being said, still feel free to ask questions if you’re confused about anything. Here is my final product (sorry, i’m no expert photographer, either):

recipe holder


All I did was heat up my hot glue gun, set the corks out in a straight line. Then I used these strips of thin cork I already had from my college dorm room (typical) and cut them thin enough so they wouldn’t be seen over/under the corks. I placed glue on the corks one by one and held them tightly to the cork until I could tell it was securely attached. I did this until all the corks were used. Then I took a couple of wall mounting sticky, velcro things (good description, eh?) and put those on the back of the cork strip and mounted to the wall above my oven.

Here is a picture zoomed out:

recipe holder.

like my egg head appliance collection?

It literally took me about ten minutes to make. But it also literally took me about ten months to collect the materials. I guess it was worth the wait. And the wine 😉

Stay tuned for the DIY headboard project we recently finished (it only took us a year of marriage).


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