NY Adventure (Pt 3 – The Journey Home)

I’m sure one day I will be telling my kids this story and be laughing my head off, but right now it still gets me fired up just thinking about it.

We flew Southwest Airlines, like we always do, but this time they had us routed an insanely dumb way to get from NYC to Buffalo. The genius’ at SW decided that it makes sense to send people way south to take them even futher north than they were in the first place, maybe that’s why their flights are so cheap. Either way, it was rediculous. So we fly from NYC to Baltimore and get in around 6:30PM. We ate dinner and hung around our gate looking at pictures from our trip. Our flight was suppose to leave for Buffalo at 9PM and get into BUFF a little after 10.

Around 8PM, we got an announcement that our flight was delayed due to weather. It was now suppose  to depart at 10PM. There were huge storms coming through Maryland (it’s the ones reasponsible for all the power outages right now). Needless to say, we didn’t leave at 10PM. As the storms began to hit Baltimore, I was actually glad we didn’t leave, because that storm was farocious. Winds at 90 MPH and lightning strikes 3200 an hour. That’s insane.

Around 12:30 AM, we finally started to board our plane. We sat there for awhile and took flight a little after 1 AM. We got in to Buffalo at 2:15 AM and by the time we got our bags, used the restroom, and got our car from long-term parking, it was quarter til 3. Our hotel was 45 minutes south of Buffalo, because we wanted to get a little bit out of the city for the next morning (little did we know we’d be getting in the next morning, wishing we’d had just got a room in buffalo). So we drove to our hotel and arrived at 3:30 AM. I ran in to check in and get our room key. I walked up to the desk and said, “Sorry we’re so late, storms delayed our flight. We’re hear to check in.” And I gave her our name. Here was her response:

“Unfortunately I just did our nightly update and as of 3 AM you were considered a ‘no show’. Now I will have to charge you full price for the (same) room, which is $154.” Get the freak out of town, lady. I’m not paying $100 more for a room I had reserved in my name just 30 minutes ago. I was livid, exhausted, shocked, and nervous. I had no idea where we would go. I just knew there was no way we were paying $150 for a room for 6 or 7 hours of sleep.

We told them we weren’t happy with their service, considering I had called earlier in the evening to make sure if we checked in late we’d still have our room reserved and the lady never gave me a time of when that ended. Also, the fact the front desk lady said she couldn’t do anything to help us out. Having worked in retail, I know that was a lie, but we let it go and said we’d find somewhere else to stay.

There were only two other hotels at that exit, both of which charge close  to $100 for rooms. I had so much adrinaline in my body from how angry and annoyed I was that I said, “We’re driving home”.

So, I drove the first leg of the drive since I was wide awake and then my husband took over after about 2 1/2 – 3 hours. He drove for awhile and then we realized we were both so tired that it was dangerous if we didn’t pull over a sleep for a bit. We found the first exit with a rest area and knocked out, setting our alarms for an hour. We woke up feeling a bit refreshed and grabbed some coffee and breakfast, before getting back on the road. He drove for awhile and then I took over for the final leg of the journey.

We weren’t actually heading home, but to his hometown to see all of his family that was in town for the 4th. So we made it there at about 2 PM. We were exhausted, but knew we needed to stay awake so that we’d be able to sleep that night. We spent the day out on the boat on the lake and by bedtime (9PM, haha) we were very much ready for a good nights rest. And boy, was it the best night of sleep ever. We were out.

Like I said, maybe one day I’ll think this story is funny, but for now I just want to whine about it, because it was awful. However, I think what made the ending of the trip somewhat bearable, was just knowing how much fun we had in New York. At least we were blessed with safety during our traveling and that is truly what’s important in the end.

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