introducing: pepé le pew.

Yesterday we brought home our seven week old kitten, Pepé. She is the sweetest thing ever. Yes, I said she. I know Pepé le pew was a boy skunk, but we had already picked out the name, thinking we were getting a boy, but then ended up with a girl. She was much cuter and cuddled more than her brothers and her sister was all black (i know that’s mean, but the name wouldn’t have worked with an all black cat). So she was the lucky winner…

the cutest kitten ever.

She is the comic relief of the household thus far. Earlier, she was playing with a little toy that has catnip in it and she flipped off the couch. She has been running around chasing and pouncing on nothing for the past hour. It’s hilarious. She is very energetic and it’s entertaining. Who needs a TV with Pepé around?

She cuddles with me a lot and falls asleep on my lap almost instantly when I pet her. Last night I was petting her as she sat on her back legs and her eyes started to slowly close causing her to fall sideways. My laughter scared her and woke her up, but it was too funny not to laugh.  She sleeps a lot (i know, get out of town, right?). But she’s so cute when she sleeps, that I love it when she does.

I can’t get over how tiny she is. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but she is about the size of my two hands cupped together. I just hope she doesn’t grow up too quickly. I want her to stay little forever (i can only imagine what moms feel like, haha). We love her already and are so thankful to have her. We just pray that she adapts well to our apartment and doesn’t get too lonely/scared while we are at work. Also, that my allergic-to-everything husband isn’t affected by her. So far so good (crossing fingers!).

Welcome home, Pepé! I hope you’re ready to be spoiled rotten.


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