medical center 10k classic: results.

I learned two valuable lesson this past Saturday:

1. Just because I’ve run a half-marathon does not mean running a 10k, with very little training, will be a breeze. FYI: it will not.

2. If I’ve been sick the week leading up to the race, I should listen to my body and NOT run.

Going into the race I had a goal time of 1 hour. I missed that goal by seven minutes. It may not look that bad on paper, but knowing what I felt like during the race made it seem that much worse. Not to mention the fact t hat I really think I could have met my goal time had I not been sick and trained a little better.

My husband came to the race on his bike and tried to ride around and cheer me on at certain points. I lost B somewhere around mile 2, because she has a faster pace than me. When I finally saw my husband around 2.5 miles I yelled to him “Take me home! I want to go home!”. But right as I said that another friend of mine ran by and yelled, “Come on, Jill. You’re not quitting!” So I ran with her for a little bit and then slowed down to a walk to catch my breath for a second. It may sound lame how far I got before I had to walk, but the phlegm on my lungs was so bad I was wheezing and every breath I took sounded like a roaring lion.

So I would run about a mile and then walk for 30-45 seconds and then run again. It was the only way for me to finish the race without dying. Finally I could see the end and I have never been so glad and disappointed at the same to see a finish line. I say that, because the course ended in the WKU football stadium, but not from the Big Red Way entrance, which is downhill, but from the entrance on the opposite side, which is UPhill. So we had to loop around the outside of the stadium, knowing we were so close to the end, yet still so far. Ok, that was a little dramatic I’ll admit, but it was frustrating. Thanks to the genius who had that idea!

Needless to say, I survived the race and I am truly grateful for that. I’m grateful for an encouraging husband, great friends, and the strength from the Lord to accomplish yet another race.

another day, another race. no big deal.

When B and I got to the race, we enjoyed watching the various warm-ups that people have. It’s pretty entertaining. If you haven’t taken the time to do this before a race, please do. It’ll make you laugh.

I decided after the race that if I run a race that is more than a 5k, I no longer want to run it if there’s fewer than 10,000 runners. I just like being engulfed in a sea of runners too much. I like constantly passing people. I like millions of cheering fans on the sidewalks. I like lots of people around me to motivate me not to stop running. So there. It may sound selfish, but it’s how I really feel right now.

So now that I have accomplished a half-marathon, 10K and 5K this year, I am determined to do that triathlon. I’m serious this time. It may not happen by the end of the year, but I can assure you, it will happen! Stay tuned.


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