asics and nikes and brooks, oh my!

Over the past few weeks I have been researching running shoes. Believe it or not, this girl has been training in and running races in shoes she bought four years ago. I’ve heard you’re suppose to replace running shoes every 6 months or at least by 600 miles worth of running. Depending on how much you run, you may not have to get new ones every six months. In my case, I think it’s time. Back in college I bought a pink pair of asics. I picked asics, because I thought the name was the funniest of the brands out there. Very logical, I know. But I ended up absolutely loving them. They have been great and held up nicely…until now. Lately, I’ve notice aches and pains in my shins and knees and I’m really thinking it might be related to my shoes (I’m praying that it’s not because I’m getting old).

I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Nike and I have friends who swear by Asics, but then there’s Mizuno and Brooks that the “pro” runners would most likely recommend. Even though I thought I would always be a loyal Asics wearer, I found these Nike shoes the other day that I fell in love with:

pretty fly for a white girl.

I may have to wait until I can find a better deal on them though…such as free. For Christmas, ya know. But we’ll see. Maybe I can talk my husband into getting me an EARLY Christmas gift. 😉

So if you see me out running in the near future, hopefully I’ll be weaing these bad boys.

What’s your running shoe brand of choice? And why?


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