how to cut burlap strips.

I wrote a post awhile back showing off my first homemade wreath ever. You can read about it here. I said at the end of that post, that if someone asked how I made it I would make a more detailed tutorial. Well no one ever asked…until now. I had a friend ask how I cut the burlap and made it look so “clean-cut”, as she put it. She explained that when she did it, it looked ragged on the edges and started to look uneven. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures while I was cutting the strips of burlap for my wreath, BUT thanks to this a fellow blogger from “My Best Friend’s Blog” who was smart enough to do so, I can show pictures of the same way I cut burlap strips.

determine how wide you want your strip of burlap, pull a string at the width until it comes completely out of the fabric, as shown in the picture with the arrow.

See! The string is gone and you have a perfectly straight line to cut.

Cut along the line as staight as you can.

and wha-la! you have a perfectly cut piece of burlap.

Once you have all of the piece cut about the same width, start by hot-gluing your first piece to the wreath. As you wrap each piece, continue to move along the wreath by only overlapping about half of the strip each time. Continue to do this until your wreath is completely covered with burlap. It’s that simple! You have a nice looking wreath and your pieces won’t fray as badly or quickly. You may have some little piece fall off, but at least it’ll be straigh lines. That’s just how burlap is; it can be frustrating and messy to work with.

I’m working on transforming my fall wreath into winter. I will post pictures as soon as my husband allows me to put up Christmas decor! We usually wait until at least the first of December, but I don’t know if I can go wait until then.


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