day one – a photo that makes you laugh.

I’ll go ahead and say it now, these blog photo challenge posts may not always be consecutive days, but I can assure you they will at least be my next ten posts. So without further adue…here is my photo that makes me laugh.

DSC_0516I’m not sure why this picture makes me laugh, but it probably has something to do with the fact that my husband is at the bottom of a pile of a bunch of little rascals. I took this picture while we were playing a game called “keep away”, in which you do everything in your power to keep the football while others try to take it from you.

The nieces and nephews were finally able to take down the biggest “kid” playing the game and that was a proud accomplishment to them.

It was a beautiful day for pictures. I love the lighting in this picture and capturing some laughter. You can’t look a photo like this and not smile.

I feel like I’m learning new things about my DSLR camera everyday and I’m loving all of it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the challenges. It really has been fun and educational so far.


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