Compliment vs. Creepliment

My fellow ladies, have you ever been in a situation where a guy is trying to pay you a compliment, but it is extremely creepy? If so, congratulations (and I’m sorry), you’ve fallen victim to a creepliment.

You may ask, “What exactly qualifies as a creepliment?”

Well, you’re in luck, because thanks to my awkward life first-hand past experiences, I’m able to bring you this public service announcement….a compliment versus a creepliment.


“You have beautiful eyes”…compliment.

“You have beautiful feet”…creepliment.

Really, who pays attention to people’s feet? That’s just weird. And creepy. Now, tell me my eyes are beautiful and you’re going home to meet momma (that’s pre-married jill talking).

“You have nice hair”…compliment

“Your hair smells nice”…creepliment.

Ok, you shouldn’t be close enough to my hair to smell it, especially if I don’t know you already. Probably even if I knew you. I like my space and no dude should be invading it that much. It’s sweet to tell me you like my hair, because it can boost a girl’s confidence, but I don’t care to know that you are a fan of my Herbal Essences shampoo. Thanks, but no thanks.

“You are very pretty”…compliment.

“You remind me of my mom”…creepliment.

So, first off…in what way are you reminded of your mom when you see me? Second…what is a girl to do with this information? Third, are you attracted to your mother? I have no further questions. Whatever the case, this is the worst way to start a conversation with a girl. Period. Even if the girl does look like your mom…don’t say it.

“I love your smile”…compliment.

“I love your nails”…creepliment.

That’s funny, because I chew on my nails so they aren’t usually commented on in a positive way. Also, I wasn’t aware that guys pay attention to nails.

I hope this helps you decipher between a compliment and creepliment in the future. Although, I wouldn’t say it takes an Albert Einstein to do so. This is more for entertainment than anything. A creepliment is really just a really, really bad pick-up line.

My advice to women when you hear a creepliment: run…like Forrest Gump run.

My advice to men who give creepliments…stop. You won’t win her over  that way. I promise.

This message was brought to you on behalf of every creeped on woman from when dinasours ruled the earth to when cars fly.

Ten DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (for him and her!)


The most loved and most hated holiday is quickly approaching. Do know what you’re getting your special someone? Do you want to impress the lady or fella you like, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! I have put together this list to help you come up with a guaranteed winner. This goes beyond the gambling chocolates and hearts with weird phrases on them. This is the real deal that shows you put time and effort into this gift. And the best part? You don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet to do these things. Amen!


Dude in Apron

1. COOK DINNER. Guys, there is nothing more attractive to a woman than a guy that cooks for her. Get a couple steaks and grill them with some nice seasoning and maranade. Look up some recipes for side items (potatoes, corn, green beans, etc), and grab a bottle of wine (try to figure out her favorite if you don’t already know). You can’t forget the most important part though…dessert! Chocolate mousse is the way to a woman’s heart. It’s really easy to make and it’s delicious. Set the mood with some candles and piano music in the background. You could even get cute and make a menu for the dinner and placecards at the table. Oh, I’m getting a little crazy now, but you really can’t go wrong with impressing her on this one. As long as you don’t set the house on fire, I think you’ll win her over.

the clues

2. PLAN A SCAVENGER HUNT. If you want to show your woman that you put effort into her gift, make her a scavenger hunt. Put clues around her place (or if you’re married in your alls house) and you could do this one of two ways: 1.) You could be hiding at the end of the scavenger hunt with flowers/roses or  2.) You could have a gift waiting at the end of the hunt (flowers, homemade sweets, jewelry, etc). It depends on if you would be able to be there when she finds it or not. The clues should have her thinking, but not so hard she couldn’t figure it out. Be creative and put some thought into it. I promise you she’ll be smiling the whole time she’s on the hunt.

personalized-valentine-puzzle3. CUSTOM-MADE PUZZLE. You still have time to make this if you haven’t already. It’s easy. Almost every online picture company has the custom-made puzzles. I have seen them online through Walmart, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. You may not want it to have the saying in the above picture on it, but you could have a picture of the two of you turned into a puzzle. Then on Valentine’s day when she opens it, you can put it together and frame it. Adorable.    223843043950160029_Vnecc9Bn_b

4. SHARPIE COFFEE MUG. Most women either love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. What’s a more perfect gift for her than a personalized, made-by-you mug?! All you have to do to make this is purchase a plan white (any color really) mug and a black sharpie. Put whatever fits her best…maybe it’s drawing a picture, or writing a quote, or song lyrics, perhaps you could just write, “I love you” on it. After you’ve finished your design, simply “bake” it in the oven at 30o degrees for about 30 minutes (sometimes you have to bake it twice before it becomes permanet enough not to wash off in the dishwasher but I would wait maybe a day to bake it again so you don’t crack it). Once it’s cooled, you’re good to go. She’ll love it. I know I would [hint-hint to my husband ;)].


5. HOMEMADE SCRATCH OFF. Ready to test your luck? Look no further than the homemade scratch off card (by better homes and gardens found here: This one will take a little more effort and creativity on your part, but she will fall head over heels for you when she sees how much time and thought you put into this gift. Each of the hearts can have things you will do for her such as: breakfast in bed, foot massage, date night of her choice, etc. Personalize it how you wish.



1. HOMEMADE SWEETS. Men love sweets almost as much as women. Chocolate covered stawberries are a guys best friend. Especially if they are homemade, ladies. It’s not difficult. Buy some strawberries and baking chocolate bars, melt the chocolate and dip the berries in, put them on a platter in the fridge and you’re done. Bam. He’ll love ’em…as long as he likes strawberries and chocolate. If not, you might have to re-think this idea and maybe the guy as well. Just kidding.


2. MANLY GIFT BASKET. You can make this gift very personalized. If you’re dating or married to him you should know his interests, his likes, his preferred beer of choice…the usual. Ok, maybe he doesn’t drink…I don’t know him, you do. So this is a cute way to get a bunch of his favorite things in one gift. It will not only show that you pay attention to what he likes, but it will also be practical in sense because he loves everything in it. Duh.


3. PERSONALIZED PICTURE FRAME. If you’re a creative crafter, this is the perfect gift to give your man. You could start from scrath, making the frame from piece of scrap wood and then painting it and adding a picture of the two of you. You could also buy a plain wooden frame from Hobby Lobby or any other craft store and design it how you want. It’s your gift, so you can make it as fun and personalized as you want!

4. 52 REASONS YOU LOVE HIM. Why 52 you ask? Because there are 52 weeks in a year…a reason for every week. 365 would be a little tough, but if you can do it…more power to ya! This is really your call on how to display the reason you love your boyfriend/spouce/lover-and-friend. You can do it on the back of playing cards (because there are 52 cards in a deck, how cool!). You could do it in a photo book and add pictures. Be silly and serious with the reasons. He’ll like hearing both.


5. PERSONALIZED POKER SET. If your man loves poker, this is a perfect gift for him! I know guys like to get together at certain times of the week/month to have poker nights and do manly things, so if that is the case with him, he’ll love this gift! It’s a little on the pricey side, but if you can afford it I think it’d make a great gift nonetheless.

Have fun with these and enjoy!

If you didn’t find a gift that works for your loved one, maybe this at least gave you inspiration for a sweet and thoughtful gift. You can do it.

girls weekend + boys.

It’s always a good weekend when you get to spend it with your best friends from college. And how do you make it even better, you ask? Invite all of your husbands along, of course. I love weekends, but I feel like I blink and they’re over. Not cool, weekend, not cool. Here’s a recap for your enjoyment….


1. Before rippin’ up the slopes (ok, maybe not, but we like to think so) at Perfect North. We actually didn’t ski or snowboard; we tubed. I had never done this before at a ski resort, but it was actually a lot of fun. There were lanes where groups of about 20 could go down at the same time, holding on to each others inner tube. It was a blast. Our husband’s had been skiing/snowboarding all day, but they met up with us when we got there to tube. I’m glad they joined us, because they are silly and make everything funnier. It was very much worth it, even if I couldn’t feel my toes for the rest of the night.

2. Extreme makeover: Katy perry make-up edition. We had fun giving ourselves makeovers at Sephora in the mall. It doesn’t get much better than a free, overdone makeover in a town where you know zero people. You can be as silly as you want. Other than being mistaken for professional ice skaters, I think we did pretty good.

3. Besides the fact that my husband looks like he’s about to rob someone in his ski mask, I like this picture from our first tubing experience together. We had so much fun, even if he did get in trouble for jumping over to my tube halfway down the slope. We’re married, lady…it’s not inappropriate. Oh well…

4. I have very attractive friends. I wish that my glasses had been a uni-brow. Those are my favorite. I just can’t avoid laughing when I look at this picture…it gets me every time.

After such a great weekend, it made it incredibly hard to come back to work this morning. Not that I don’t love my job (because I do), but let’s be honest, every working person despises Monday morning whether you enjoy your job or not. At least the high for Wednesday is 70 degrees (say whaaat?). Oh yeah, I forgot we’re in Kentucky though, so it’s back to a high of 36 on Friday. Cool.

Have a great week!

high five for friday.

Everyone loves Friday, right? Unless you only work on the weekends, then maybe you wouldn’t really be a fan of Friday. I get that.

Friday is my favorite day of the week….besides Sunday. I really like Sunday. Jesus is cool.

Fridays are great, because I know I will be off of work for the next two days. Some Fridays are more exciting than others depending on my plans for the weekend. But I also really like Friday, because I can look back and reflect on my previous week. I enjoy reminiscing. It’s fun. So, without further ado, here are the top five highlights from the previous seven days.

5. On Monday, we had a spontaneous date night with some friends of ours. We saw the romantic film, zero dark thirty.  Ok, but in all seriousness, it was incredible. I loved it. It was intense and enlightening to know how things (supposedly) went down. I’m glad we saw it. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the men and women in the CIA and other similar positions who are risking their lives to protect ours. Of course it was insane to watch the SEALs team do work like that. Crazy. Go see it if you haven’t.

4. On Tuesday, I got to Skype with the cutest little girls in the whole world…my two nieces. My sister and her family live about 12 hours from me, so it’s really exciting when I get to see them, even if it’s just on the computer screen. I love those adorable little faces and it makes my week so much better just getting to hear their voices.

3. My husband had an interview for a new job. I’m not at liberty to say much detail at this point, but it is very exciting that he is a finalist for the position. We will know more in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more on this top-secret subject.

2. Last night my husband and I met my parents for dinner at our halfway point (halfway between the cities we each live in). I always love seeing my parents, even if it’s just for dinner. Of course I wish it could have been for a longer amount of time, but I’ll take what I can get.

1. Last Friday-Saturday (it still counts because it wasn’t more than seven days ago!) we had a retreat with the middle school youth group. Sunday we had one for the high schoolers. Both retreats were a lot of fun and great experiences for us and the kids. I really felt that the students were encouraged and challenged by the speakers, worship time and prayer time. It was so amazing to see them grow deeper in their faith. God is so good. This is why we do what we do!!

Looking ahead to this fabulous weekend we have in store, we are going snowboarding and tubing at a resort a few hours from where we live with some of our married college bffs. It’s a couples retreat! Watch out.

Alright, that’s all I got for this weeks edition of ‘the high five’. See ya next time.

Why We Chose NFP.

I have had a lot of people over the past year and a half ask why my husband and I use Natural Family Planning (NFP for short) in our marriage. This post is not to inform you (in detail) on how NFP works and it’s certainly not to condemn those that use contraceptives; it’s simply to share with you WHY my husband and I choose to use it in our marriage and why it works when used correctly. It is also meant to be an encouragement to any couples considering it for their marriages right now.

When my husband and I were going through pre-marriage counseling, the priest who was going to marry us, mentioned NFP. It was the first time I had ever heard of the topic. He HIGHLY encouraged us to go to a seminar on how it works, why we should use it, and why it works.

I’ll be honest; I was completely against the idea at first. But after five months of studying how to use NFP, lots of prayer, talking it over, lots more prayer, meeting with a mentor, and even more prayer, C and I knew this was what the Lord had called us to use in our marriage. Did I mention we prayed about it?

Anyways, here are the reasons we chose to use NFP:

  • Avoids chemical/pill intake
  • Encourages couple communication & interaction
  • Fosters mutual responsibility by husband and wife
  • Fosters deep respect and acceptance of the total person
  • Values children and openness to life
  • Cooperates with God’s plan for marriage


The number of young women on “the pill” is disturbing. Why is it disturbing, you may ask? Were you aware “the pill” has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency on Research for Cancer, a research arm of the World Health Organization? The sad reality is that any woman who takes a hormonal contraceptive for four years prior to her first full-term pregnancy increases her risk for breast cancer by 52%. Women deserve to know the truth. They have been failed by physicians in not being warned of the physical damage that they are doing to their bodies.


We all know how important communication can be, especially in a marriage. NFP opens communication in a way I could never have imagined. It’s not just talking, but actually communicating with one another. Not only do I understand my body better and therefore respect it that much more, but my husband does as well. We talk about it (my body) on a daily basis and I truly feel our connection is a lot deeper because of it. We are a lot more open with each other about things.


NFP is not for the wife to experience alone. The husband is the “coach” of the relationship. The husband’s role is to continually communicate to the wife on how her charting is going and if she is charting correctly. The husband is to know how NFP works just as much as the wife. He guides her, helps her, and encourages her. It is a joint responsibility and it’s the couple’s job to work together in this. Whether a couple wishes to space their children or limit their family to the number of children they already have, the effectiveness rate of the modern methods of NFP are 96%-99.5% when taught by a certified instructor and used according to instructions. (This is higher than most artificial contraceptives.)


As I said before, my husband understands and respects my body. He knows what it does and why. He understands that there are going to be days we cannot be intimate and he controls himself and in return, I respect him for that. We know that there are going to be/have been days when we have to completely leave the apartment and find another activity, but that has made our marriage so much more spontaneous and fun. NFP does not lessen the importance of sexual union and sexual pleasure, but it helps couples to find other ways in which to connect. In this way, NFP can reignite the romance of dating for a married couple. It’s wonderful.


At the seminar we went to there was a couple there that had been married for a few years and were using NFP and one of them made this comment: “NFP opened our hearts to children … Children are a gift, a blessing, not a burden.” My husband and I know that there is always the chance if we use NFP incorrectly, we could become pregnant, but that isn’t stopping us from using this method. The Lord has opened our hearts to children and we know he will provide for us in every situation, as long as we are faithful to him.


Many couples say that an NFP lifestyle deepens their faith in God. I find that entirely true for me and my husband. The reality is that NFP is challenging, but it is clear to me that working together through the tough times strengthens and enriches our marriage. And as another couple said when discussing NFP with us: “The value I experience in NFP is in the long run …. It forces you to place your immediate choices in the context of spouse, children, family and Creator.”

NFP was actually created for couples TRYING to conceive children, but it can be used to avoid pregnancy as well. It’s good to know that when we are ready to have children, we know when it can be done. 😉

I encourage you, if you have ever or are now considering NFP to feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at If you don’t feel comfortable with that, try this website:

And know that NFP is not just a Catholic thing, it truly is for anyone. I know plenty of non-Catholics who use this method. Say a prayer and see where the Lord is leading your marriage.

parmesan-dijon chicken recipe.

Chicken is by far the majority of meat eaten at the Leachman household. I am constantly looking up chicken recipes and trying them out. I’ve found a few keepers, but also a few don’t-ever-even-attempt-this-agains. I think I have finally found my favorite chicken recipe so far and my husband loves it – winner! It’s really simple to make and is super affordable. There are only 5 ingredients. Yes, 5! And you want to know the best part? It’s HEALTHY (well as healthy as you can get when using cheese and butter).

So for all you hopeless chicken romantics out there, here is one you are sure to fall in love with.



  • 4 thin organic chicken breasts (that’s all this household buys)
  • 1/4 cup reduced-fat grated parmesan cheese
  • 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 2 T. Dijon mustard
  • 4 T. light butter, melted


  1. Pre-heat over to 375
  2. Combine mustard and butter in a shallow dish
  3. Combine cheese and bread crumbs in separate shallow dish
  4. Take each chicken breast and dip into mustard mixture followed by the cheese mixture
  5. Repeat this with all of the breasts
  6. Place in shallow baking dish
  7. Cook uncovered for 20-30 minutes (depending on oven)

See. I told you it was easy. Try it and I bet you’ll agree it’s fantastic. This goes really well with a side of fresh roasted asparagus. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

What’s your favorite chicken recipe?

hang over 5k classic.

My husband and I decided to start out the new year on the right foot (literally). So, today we ran a 5k in town. It really wasn’t all that bad, considering the amount of running I’ve done as of late.

It wasn’t as warm as desired today, with a high of 40 degrees. We layered up quite a bit and that helped. We warmed up enough by mile 1.5 to take off our gloves and ear warmers so that was nice, too. I’m not usually fond of running in cold weather due to my under-functioning lungs, but they made it possible for me to finish and that’s all that matters.

We finished with a time of 32:55. Not my best time for a 5k, but I’ll take it. They had white castle sliders (among other things to eat), but really? White castle? Is that even real meat on those things? No thanks. I stuck to the ever faithful uncrustable and chocolate milk.

Thank goodness the race didn’t start until noon, because we wouldn’t have made it any earlier after staying up with friends to watch the ball drop at midnight. It was a great night and a nice race.


we’re dorks.

So I completed my first race of the year in Kentucky. Now my goal (as I stated yesterday) is to run a 5k in every state that touches KY. Next up…Ohio. Wish me luck!