hang over 5k classic.

My husband and I decided to start out the new year on the right foot (literally). So, today we ran a 5k in town. It really wasn’t all that bad, considering the amount of running I’ve done as of late.

It wasn’t as warm as desired today, with a high of 40 degrees. We layered up quite a bit and that helped. We warmed up enough by mile 1.5 to take off our gloves and ear warmers so that was nice, too. I’m not usually fond of running in cold weather due to my under-functioning lungs, but they made it possible for me to finish and that’s all that matters.

We finished with a time of 32:55. Not my best time for a 5k, but I’ll take it. They had white castle sliders (among other things to eat), but really? White castle? Is that even real meat on those things? No thanks. I stuck to the ever faithful uncrustable and chocolate milk.

Thank goodness the race didn’t start until noon, because we wouldn’t have made it any earlier after staying up with friends to watch the ball drop at midnight. It was a great night and a nice race.


we’re dorks.

So I completed my first race of the year in Kentucky. Now my goal (as I stated yesterday) is to run a 5k in every state that touches KY. Next up…Ohio. Wish me luck!


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