I traded my pink gameboy for pink lipstick.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay a kid forever? Seriously, think about it. To never have the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood, to never have your heart broken or never have to work? Wouldn’t it be nice to never grow up? I think that way at times. You know, the times when things are hard. The times when things don’t go my way. Yeah, I think about being a kid again.

Because when you were a kid, your biggest worry was which beanie baby you were going to get in your happy meal. And then, sadly, you get to that (all too young) age when you start feeling the pressures of wearing make-up and more mature clothing and finding a boyfriend to hold hands with at the movies. You start to see that it’s not cool to have a pink gameboy anymore and it’s time to trade it in for some pink lipstick.

At that age, everything about being an adult seems fun and cool and exciting. You don’t necessarily see the hardships and the responsibilities. I was that way. I couldn’t wait to grow up. And look at me now…wishing I was a kid again. Isn’t it ironic?

Society has a way of making us feel like we need to be striving for the opposite of what we are. Kids try to look and act older. Adults work so hard to look and feel younger. That is so messed up, isn’t it? We should just be content with our age. There are so many great things about being younger and older. Each stage of life is beautiful and we should cherish them. I have to remind myself of this on occasion.

It’s okay to be young and enjoy being young. There’s nothing wrong with being old and loving it.

So maybe there are days I want to be my kid self again. But if I had stayed a kid forever, I would never have the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood that strengthen my walk with Jesus Christ everyday. I would have never had my heart broken only to lead me to the man the Lord set out for me to spend the rest of my life with. I would have never had to work for a company I love with people who constantly encourage me and laugh with me every day.


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