frozen yogurt covered strawberries.

Want a new twist on an old favorite? Growing up, chocolate covered strawberries were my favorite dessert. Now that I’m a few years older and always looking for healthier options on desserts (other than Oreos, cause you just can’t miss out on those), I decided to try making YOGURT covered strawberries. They are just as delicious and way more nutritious!


All you need to make this tasty snack is a carton of strawberries and your choice of yogurt.


I went with a mixed berry greek yogurt from yoplait. It’s one of my favorites and fitting since I’m covering berries with it.

First, cover a baking sheet or plate with wax paper.


Then, you’ll want to rinse the strawberries (always rinse your fruit before eating!) and then lightly dab them with a paper towel, because the yogurt will stick better when it’s dry.


Once you’ve dried off the berries, dip each one at a time, into the yogurt container and make sure to get a nice thick, even coat on all of them.


Place each one on the wax papered baking sheet.


When you have finished dipping all of  the berries, place them in the freezer for approximately 2-3 hours. After they’ve frozen, pop them off the wax paper and ENJOY! They are so delicious and flavorful! AND you don’t have to feel guilty after eating them or ruin a good workout…that’s my faovrite part.

You can do this with almost any type of fruit…blueberries, grapes, raspberries, even sliced up bananas would be great. Also, there are SO many different flavors and types of yogurt out there. Any combination would be fantastic. Experiment and see which is your favorite!

nightstand makeover.

When my husband’s grandmother passed away almost a year ago, his dad gave us a small table from her home. It’s an antique and very fragile. You can’t put a lot of weight on it and it isn’t in the best of shape. That all doesn’t really matter though, because it’s special to us. It means something to us and it’s been apart of his family for a long time.


I didn’t have a nightstand at the time, so I put it on my side of the bed to hold my book and phone. Over this past year, it had gotten even worse. The top was chipping off more, it was almost two different shades of brown, and the legs were extremely shaky. I tightened the legs and added some glue to the base to make it sturdier, but I knew it still needed a little bit of a makeover.

I bought some white spray paint and had some ‘jade’ colored spray paint left over from a previous project, so I was set. I sanded the entire table down using a piece of 220 grit sand paper. I had an electric sander, but was afraid it’d be too rough on the old table, so I did it by hand.

After I was done sanding, I wiped it down with a damp cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, I began to spray paint just the top of the table white. I did several coats and let it dry. Next, I painted the base ‘jade’. I did three coats before I decided it looked even all around. I let it dry for about an hour. Finally, I did one last coat of each color. I let it dry again, but this time for several hours to be safe, and as to not stink up our apartment with the smell of paint. We all know how awesome that is.


It’s not much, but I love it! I’m very excited I was able to keep this sweet little table from my grandmother-in-law, but add a touch of modernism to it. It’s perfect!

side-by-side comparison

side-by-side comparison

yarn wrapped beer bottle.

There’s a really easy way to put any type of empty bottle to good use: wrap it in yarn! All you need is a bottle, ball of yarn, a hot glue gun, some flowers, and about ten minutes. That’s it! It’s a very simple, yet tedious process of wrapping the bottle with yarn. Start out by gluing the top of the bottle and wrap tightly until you reach the bottom. Glue again at the bottom of the bottle and cut the yarn.


The type of yarn I used is my favorite. It has a blend of cream and tan colors and gives off a beautiful shimmer color from a distance.


I absolutely love it on our mantel. It’s the perfect addition and sits next to the window pane mirror I made a few months ago.


diy scrabble “love” letters.

On Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated our SECOND anniversary. Hooray! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married two years. It feels more like 20…kidding. Sort of.

I’m very thankful for my husband and the man that he has become. I truly didn’t think it was possible, but I love him more now than the day we said, “I do.” My husband is the perfect man for me and I thank God every night for such a wonderful blessing. I know, I’m getting too mushy. I’ll stop now.

Anyways, since I have this love theme going on in this post, I decided to share a little project I did soon after we got married that I never posted. This project fits perfectly for us, because we LOVE scrabble. We used to play all the time when we were dating and when we got married we asked for a nicer set for Christmas. We even (don’t judge) bought the Scrabble dictionary with a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Weirdos, I know.

I bought the four square pieces of wood at Hobby Lobby for $1/each. I already had black acrylic paint, so that was all the material I needed for this quick and easy project. I traced the letters on the wood and filled them in with the black paint. Then I added the numbers in the bottom right hand corner.


Now, if you’re a Words with Friends player, you are probably thinking, “I thought L’s were worth 2 points”. They are…on Words with Friends, but in REAL scrabble it’s only 1 point for an L. So my advice….if you are going to make scrabble letters, make sure you check the real game points if you want them to be authentic scrabble letters.


I hung the letters above the framed picture all of our friends and family signed on our wedding day. It’s perfect there, because it’s not only about the love between my husband and I, but the love we’ve received from friends and family as well. We are so thankful for the tremendous amount of love, encouragement, and support we get from them each and every day!

simple and cheap furniture update.

Have you ever been on Pinterest and noticed those amazing dresser transformations people have done? They’ve taken a complete mess and turned it into perfection by sanding it, priming it, painting it, and redoing the handles and knobs. It turns into a completely different piece of furniture. Well, I’m here to tell you that those things are not always necessary when trying to update a bedroom suite, especially if you are not a professional furniture updater…like myself.

When I first got married, my parents let us have the furniture from my old room growing up. The set included a big dresser, small dresser, and a side table. They are a dark wood stain (in very good condition), with gold handles. Yes, you read right…GOLD! Now, don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate my parents giving them to us, but after looking at those things my entire life I needed a change FAST.

I knew I didn’t want to re-stain or paint the furniture, because I am in love with the color as it is. I just  wanted to give it a more updated look. So, the other day I set out to Lowe’s and Home Depot in search of the perfect new handles. As I was browsing, I realized that NONE of them were going to fit the 2 1/2 inch gap between the two screw holes. After getting over my frustration with the dresser manufacturers’ brilliant idea to use a measurement NO ONE else uses, I moved on to the spray paint section.

I found a silver that I liked and it included the primer + paint in one….I was sold. Less work for me. I took off all of the handles when I got home, took them outside and painted each one…all 18 of them. Shew!

When I was finished? No more gold and better looking set of dressers for just SIX DOLLARS. That is my favorite part. I also went over a few scratches with Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods. I am very pleased with how they look now!

dresser before&after

Handle Update Collage

I hope this encourages you, even a little bit, that it doesn’t always take a complete makeover to make older furniture look new again. Good luck!

diy twine wrapped initial.

I finally decided it was time for a more spring/summer door decoration (about time, eh?) for our front door. I knew I wanted it to be pretty simple and not too girly for my husband’s sake, but what can I say? I am in love with peach right now, so for me, it was a must-have color for this project.


I went with a thinner twine, because I like the look of it and if you must know…it was cheaper.



  • 1 wooden letter “L” from Joanne’s ($6)
  • 1 roll of twine ($1.50)
  • 1 roll of peach ribbon ($1.25)
  • 3 flowers from Hobby Lobby ($1)


  • First, I wrapper the letter with the twine by hot gluing it at the top and then wrapping it all the way to the bottom, where I glued it again
  • Then I glued and wrapped the ribbon at each end to add more color
  • Next, I cut the flowers off of their stems as high as a I could and glued them down one at a time and added some of the greenery (technically yellowery) that came with the flowers to the center of them
  • Lastly, I glued the peach ribbon to the back of the letter at the top to create a cute way to hang the letter

Easy and under $10!