seventeen weeks.

17 wks - sweet potato w txt

I felt him or her move this week! The little wiggle worm is finally big enough for me to feel it moving around in there. I’ve felt it twice for sure and maybe another time. Right now it is hard to tell because it’s so faint. It feels like a little twitch in my belly. So cool that it’s our baby!

I finally gave in and bought my first pair of maternity pant and two maternity tops. I love my new jeans! They are so comfortable and I don’t have to mess with unbuttoning them when I sit down and forgetting to button back when I stand up! Little embarrassing.

My maternity pants might even come in handy when I’m not pregnant, for times like Thanksgiving and Christmas when I eat so much food I can hardly fit in my regular pants. 🙂 haha

Only two weeks until we find out if it’s a little mister or miss. We can’t wait!

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