twenty-one weeks.

21 wks - papaya w txt

Boy, does this boy like to move it, move it! He is constantly moving around and kicking. It’s mostly when I’m sitting or laying down, but it’s crazy how active he is. Sometimes I think he might be practicing Kung-Fu in there…

We had another ultrasound this week just to check a few things from our last appointment, but I never mind having them, because it just means we get to see his precious little face again. Everything looked healthy and his growth and measurements were right on track with where he’s suppose to be right now, so that is good news. Praise the Lord!

One fun thing we did this week (well I think it’s fun, my husband probably doesn’t find it as exciting) was register for some classes at the hospital where we’ll be delivering. I am taking a breastfeeding class and then he will join me for the “New Baby Care” and “Infant CPR” classes. They may turn out to be pretty common sense classes, but I feel it can’t hurt to take them…especially when they’re free!

Thanks to some friends and family, we have already received so many baby clothes and accessories that I had to go buy some storage containers to put them all in. We are so blessed to have such generous people in our lives. This boy will surely not go unclothed in his lifetime (well except while making his debut, but what do you expect?).

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