twenty-three weeks.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am beyond thankful for ALL of the blessings in my life! I have such a wonderful family, great friends and a healthy baby boy in my belly. The Lord is so good.

We are at my in-laws for the holiday so my picture this week is a little change of scenery.

Weighing in at nearly a pound and a half, Isaiah is growing like a little weed! He is supposedly going to gain about 6 oz a week for the next few weeks. I guess this is his big growth spurt time.

Unfortunately I’ve been having more heartburn in the last few days. I’m starting to pop Tums like they’re Lifesavers….which, in a sense, they are. It’s nice they provide some relief from the burn! Hopefully that doesn’t stick around long….

Only a few more weeks (hopefully) until we’re in our new home! Looking forward to it!!

Turkey Day 2013


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