twenty-four weeks.

24 wks - spaghetti squash w txt

Well, twenty-four is my lucky number so it’s only expected that it will be a good week.

I’m really behind with posting this, but it’s been a crazy week. We had another appointment on Thursday with our OB. Everything is great with the baby and we heard his little heartbeat again. He also had the hiccups while we were listening on the doppler.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help but laugh. Our baby is getting bigger and unfortunately, so am I! But I know it’s for good reason!

I had my glucose test at the appointment as well. All you do is fast for a few hours before the appointment and then drink a 10 oz bottle of this orange, sugary drink and after an hour they take your blood. It’s just to ensure your body is able to handle and break down the sugar, because it’s common for some women to develop a form of diabetes when pregnant. It’s not a permanent thing, but can be dangerous if it goes undiagnosed. It really wasn’t as terrible as I was envisioning, but I still wouldn’t drink it for fun. It burned my throat. My doctor did say if I didn’t think the drink was all that bad then I had a serious sweet tooth…um, guilty?! We will find out the results of that test in the next couple of days.

It’s been crazy weather here the past few days. On Friday, my school was closed and my husband was able to work from home that day, so we didn’t leave the apartment the entire day. It was icy, snowy and just plain nasty. It has cleared up now, but I hope the snow sticks around, because it’s so pretty!

We took our Christmas Card pictures on Saturday and with all the snow they turned out pretty good. I’ll post them closer to Christmas!

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