twenty-nine weeks.

29 wks - butternut squash w txt

Did I move to Alaska and not realize it? Ok, I didn’t think so….

But seriously, I cannot ever remember it being this cold outside! We were suppose to go back to school yesterday, but we were out and still are today. Is it sad that I’m ready to go back? I know in about a week I’ll be wishing we were out again, but I really do miss my kiddos. It’s been over two weeks.

Good news, though…we are finally all moved in to our new home! Some of our friends and family came to help us on Saturday and we had everything moved in about two hours total. We are so thankful for all the help we had! It’s so relieving to know we are in the house now and have a little time to get things ready before the arrival of our little man! Although he’s not so little anymore.

I had an appointment this morning and he is weighing in at almost three pounds! Incredible. He is still looking healthy and growing right on track. I couldn’t be more thankful! They even captured a cute picture of his little foot. I’m in love with it! Sorry…is that weird? Must be a mom thing.


The ultrasound machines they use are so amazing to me. As the tech was poking around my belly to get measurements of him, we could see his face and his eyes opening and closing. It was so incredible and strange at the same time.

I also got a flu shot this morning at my appointment and now I can barely lift my right arm. Awesome.

We have his crib and my rocker/glider all set up in the nursery and the rest of the furniture will be on its way shortly. It’s so surreal to walk into his room and think that in just over two months he will be here, living in that room! We cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “twenty-nine weeks.

  1. Ah! I’m two weeks behind you in my pregnancy (I’m due early April). That’s exciting! I don’t know about you but I feel like my body is already breaking down from my lil kiddo… although this is my second pregnancy so my body is most likely more run down than yours! 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying your pregnancy! Make sure you write down special moments, it’s sooo easy to forget things! I always called my first my little rump baby because Daniel would always try and poke his rear end out while wiggling around. He also loved to push himself off of my hip and stretch himself out. It was really neat but fairly uncomfortable in that last month!

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