thirty weeks.

30 wks - cantalope w txt

I think this means we’re in the home stretch? Ten more weeks to go! Super exciting, yet scary at the same time.

Baby’s kicks have been getting a lot more powerful in the last few days. Sometimes you can touch my belly and feel the outline of his foot. It’s pretty neat and my husband even got to feel it the other night.

Speaking of that awesome husband of mine, thanks to his amazing Christmas present I am going to a prenatal (expectant mommy) message tonight. I am looking forward  to this more than you will ever know. I scheduled it for after work so that after the kiddos I work with stress/wear me out today, I can detox and relax at the spa. Sounds perfect.

Isaiah is now (supposedly) using all five of his senses. What a big boy! He is a little over three pounds and about 15-16 inches long, which is really close to a baby’s birth length. He still has some work to do on the weight. My doctor said the baby typically starts to gain about a half a pound a week near the end of the pregnancy.

I’m not sure what’s more strange to see…my growing belly or my disappearing belly button…hmm.

My first baby shower is this weekend, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law throwing it for us! It will mostly be my husband’s family and some friends from around the area. My sister is throwing me one back in my hometown for family and friends over that way. I am excited to see everyone and can’t wait to see what great things Isaiah gets! We are so blessed with such generous people in our lives!!

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