frozen yogurt covered strawberries.

Want a new twist on an old favorite? Growing up, chocolate covered strawberries were my favorite dessert. Now that I’m a few years older and always looking for healthier options on desserts (other than Oreos, cause you just can’t miss out on those), I decided to try making YOGURT covered strawberries. They are just as delicious and way more nutritious!


All you need to make this tasty snack is a carton of strawberries and your choice of yogurt.


I went with a mixed berry greek yogurt from yoplait. It’s one of my favorites and fitting since I’m covering berries with it.

First, cover a baking sheet or plate with wax paper.


Then, you’ll want to rinse the strawberries (always rinse your fruit before eating!) and then lightly dab them with a paper towel, because the yogurt will stick better when it’s dry.


Once you’ve dried off the berries, dip each one at a time, into the yogurt container and make sure to get a nice thick, even coat on all of them.


Place each one on the wax papered baking sheet.


When you have finished dipping all of  the berries, place them in the freezer for approximately 2-3 hours. After they’ve frozen, pop them off the wax paper and ENJOY! They are so delicious and flavorful! AND you don’t have to feel guilty after eating them or ruin a good workout…that’s my faovrite part.

You can do this with almost any type of fruit…blueberries, grapes, raspberries, even sliced up bananas would be great. Also, there are SO many different flavors and types of yogurt out there. Any combination would be fantastic. Experiment and see which is your favorite!