The Leachman’s are MOVING.

It’s a bittersweet feeling…moving.

I hate to leave the town we’ve called home for the past few years, but I know great opportunity awaits us in a bigger city. My husband was offered and accepted a position in Louisville, KY. We will be moving in less than three weeks. That is not a lot of time to say our goodbyes! I’m excited for this new chapter in our lives, but I am nervous due to the fact that I have to look for a new job now and that’s not a fun task.

Top ten things I will miss about our current town:

  1. Our friends. We have some really awesome friends – some from college, church, and other involvement – but we love them all and are very blessed to call them friends.
  2. Our church. We have an amazing church family and are really involved there. I know we will find one in Louisville we love, but it will be hard to leave this one.
  3. Youth group. My husband and I help lead the high school youth group at our church. We are going to miss doing it and the kids very, very much. They are a true blessing to us.
  4. My job. I have the greatest co-workers and job a girl could ask for. I was so fortunate to get this job right out of college and it has provided great experiences, friendships, and memories.
  5. Our college. We both graduated from WKU and we love going to sporting events (football and basketball, especially) and other activities at the university. We will miss being so close, but will cheer on our Tops from afar.
  6. The community. BG is the perfect sized town to settle down and start a family. It’s not too big, but not too small. It just didn’t have the opportunity my husband wanted. It is a great community, though and we will miss it.
  7. Our apartment. It’s small and we know that, but we loved our cozy place and our landlords. We also had a park across the street that had tennis quarts, baseball fields, and basketball courts. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.
  8. Location. We are less than an hour from Nashville, TN, which is a really fun town that we love to visit regularly. We will miss being so close to it.
  9. Gasper River. There’s an awesome river not too far from our apartment that my husband and I love to kayak down. It even has some white water. It’s so relaxing and such beautiful scenery. We will probably come visit just so we can do that run on occasion. I know he will miss it a bunch.
  10. Knowing my way around. Although this one isn’t specific to this city, it is one of the biggest ones I will miss. I  am terrible with directions; I suck at learning where things are and how to get around. So it’s been nice to know those things after living here for almost 6 years. Now I have to start all over.

I am; however, looking forward to an apartment complex that only allows renters to have cats as pets. No dogs allowed. That sounds mean. Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs. I want to have one when we have a house. Yeah…a house. I’m not putting down those that have a dog in an apartment, because some dogs don’t bark, but for the love of Pete people, if it yaps 24/7 that’s just not fair to your neighbors. And by neighbors I mean practically living in the same home, because the walls are paper-thin. In the two years my husband and I have lived in our apartment, we have had 3 different people live under us. All three have been single girls with yippidy yappidy dogs. Thank goodness for peace and quiet when a girl’s trying to get some sleep.

A little bigger place, means we need a few more things, so stay tuned for posts on projects we will be working on over the next few weeks. Can’t wait to share!

All in all, we are very excited for this new chapter in our lives, but we know it will be hard to leave this place.

Thank you BG, for all the great memories you have given us!

Inspiration from Psalm 34:4

The Lord has laid this on my heart today…


When we seek the Lord’s will and not our own, that’s when we find the answers we’ve been looking for and lose all of our anxieties. I’m finding this to be so true in recent days. I’m praying the Lord will continue to reveal his great plan to me and that I would open my heart and mind to what he has in store for my life. Amen.


It was a chaperones worst nightmare.

On Saturday, my husband and I took some of the members of our high school youth group to Nashville, TN to a Christian concert called Winter Jam. When we arrived and saw how many people were outside the building, we knew it wasn’t a good sign.

“Why aren’t these people inside right now?”

Why isn’t the line moving forward?”

Millions of questions went through my head as I prayed that it didn’t mean they were sold out.

But it did.

My heart sunk in my chest. I literally wanted to sit down and cry. I knew that we were responsible for these twelve lives and I felt like we let them down by not getting in.

Just as I thought all hope was lost for what was supposed to be a great night of fun and fellowship, I heard the voice of an angel.

Ok, maybe not literally an angel, but pretty close.

Matthew West was playing his guitar and singing an acoustic version of one of his songs. We followed the voice until we got as close to the outdoor stage as we could. There were still a TON of people gathered around the stage. After he was finished singing, he said that he didn’t want the winter jam rejects to completely miss out on the fun so they were going to bring the concert to us outside.

A feeling of relief came over me as we continued to enjoy the concert, getting to see Jason Castro (American Idol Season 6), Toby Mac, Royal Tailor, Jamie Grace, Capital Kings, and a few others perform. We were blessed with incredible weather and I am so thankful that the situation turned out to be a good one in the end. The kids had a blast and even got some autographs from some of the artists afterwards.

The outdoor concert ended a lot sooner than if we had gone to the indoor one, but it actually worked out great because it gave us time to explore the Orpyland Hotel. Some of them had never been in it before, which made it fun.

But here’s the main point of my post:

God taught me a valuable lesson on Saturday. All too often when things go wrong or don’t go the way I had them planned, I think I’ve failed. That’s the Devil talking. I didn’t fail.

The Lord just had a better plan for us that night. It’s that way with the little things and the big things in life. His plan is always so much better than ours and sometimes we don’t see that until we look back on the situation and see how great it actually turned out. He says in scripture, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways” (Isaiah 55:8), meaning we don’t always understand why things happen the way that they do, because we can’t even think on God’s level, but we can take comfort in knowing that we are in good hands…the Creator’s hands. He loves us and wants to take care of us. And he assures us he will take care of us when we put our trust fully in him. Something I need to work on myself!

And maybe, just maybe because we didn’t get in to the concert, that meant that others who didn’t know Jesus could get in and come to know him as their personal Lord and Savior through the testimony of the artists and speaker. And that my friends, is the best things we can hope for! Amen? Amen.


jason castro rockin’ the dreads


grammy nominated royal tailor


toby mac layin’ down the beats

I traded my pink gameboy for pink lipstick.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay a kid forever? Seriously, think about it. To never have the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood, to never have your heart broken or never have to work? Wouldn’t it be nice to never grow up? I think that way at times. You know, the times when things are hard. The times when things don’t go my way. Yeah, I think about being a kid again.

Because when you were a kid, your biggest worry was which beanie baby you were going to get in your happy meal. And then, sadly, you get to that (all too young) age when you start feeling the pressures of wearing make-up and more mature clothing and finding a boyfriend to hold hands with at the movies. You start to see that it’s not cool to have a pink gameboy anymore and it’s time to trade it in for some pink lipstick.

At that age, everything about being an adult seems fun and cool and exciting. You don’t necessarily see the hardships and the responsibilities. I was that way. I couldn’t wait to grow up. And look at me now…wishing I was a kid again. Isn’t it ironic?

Society has a way of making us feel like we need to be striving for the opposite of what we are. Kids try to look and act older. Adults work so hard to look and feel younger. That is so messed up, isn’t it? We should just be content with our age. There are so many great things about being younger and older. Each stage of life is beautiful and we should cherish them. I have to remind myself of this on occasion.

It’s okay to be young and enjoy being young. There’s nothing wrong with being old and loving it.

So maybe there are days I want to be my kid self again. But if I had stayed a kid forever, I would never have the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood that strengthen my walk with Jesus Christ everyday. I would have never had my heart broken only to lead me to the man the Lord set out for me to spend the rest of my life with. I would have never had to work for a company I love with people who constantly encourage me and laugh with me every day.

A Blast from the Past (Year)

I honestly thought at the beginning of 2012 that the year 2011 could not be topped. Think about it, I graduated from college, married my best friend, went on our honeymoon to California, got to explore the mountains of Montana, and welcomed a new niece into the world. How could it get any better than that? Well, I’ll tell you…

2012 was an incredible year! I learned a lot about myself, about my husband, and about what the Lord is teaching me. I learned what true patience is and how amazing God’s grace really is. I learned perserverence and teamwork. I have had many good moments, but also some bad. This past year has been so wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In April I ran my first half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles of running. Am I crazy or what? It is something I’ve wanted to accomplish my entire life. It was time-consuming, hard and intense training, but it paid off in the end. Now I get to look back and say, “I did that!” And feel good about it. Can a girl get an “Amen”?!

In June and August I got to be a part of two of my best friend’s weddings. I was so honored to get to stand by their sides and watch such beautiful representations of Christ and his Church. They were both such wonderful ceremonies and so much fun to be a part of. In addition to that, getting to be a part of the showers and bachelorette parties made for a fun year as well. Great memories to look back on.


I have pretty friends.

In June, my husband and I took a vacation to New York to see Niagara Falls and NYC. We had an incredible time and loved every minute of it. We got to see our first broadway musical (Wicked!) and sat in the (front row!) audience of David Letterman. We were blessed to get the opportunity to travel and explore a new place.


niagara, times square, lady lib

In August, we brought home our adorable kitten, Pepe le Pew. She has been such a joy to have. It sounds silly, but she has really been entertaining and we love her.

the cutest kitten ever.

I wish she was still that little.

This year we found out my older sister is having her third child. In October we found out it’s their first BOY! We are all so excited. I love being an aunt and spoiling my nieces, so I just know it won’t be any different with this little guy. He is due in March, so we are in much anticipation for that.


my brother-in-law is just a little excited that it’s a boy.

In August, my husband turned 26 and I got him two tickets to a Notre Dame Football game. The game was in November and it was the first one we had ever been to. The campus is gorgeous and it turned out to be an amazing game and nice weather (a little chilly!). Notre Dame is currently number 1 in the nation in football and is playing in the Championship bowl game in January. They had an undefeated, awesome season this year. I’m so glad this was the year we went to see them play! He has wanted to go to a game since he was a kid.


game time, golden dome.

After the game, we spent the next day in Chicago, IL. He had never been so it was neat to explore another big city with him. We’re real city slickers now.


el beano, skyline

Lord willing I would like to accomplish these things in the next 365 days:


  1. Read the Bible entirely through
  2. Spend more time in quite time with the Lord


  1. Complete my first triathlon
  2. Run a 5k race in every state that touches Kentucky (where I live) -which would include SEVEN states…Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee (whew, that’s a lot of races in a year! This girl ain’t messin’ around)
  3. Play in a local tennis tournament with my husband


  1. Travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a retreat with some of the students from the youth group we help with
  2. Sky Dive (I asked for it for my birthday)

Well 2012, it’s been real, but it’s time to move on. Hello, 2013!! What do you have in store?

The ABC’s of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! It’s time to stuff ourselves with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and of course…pumpkin pie! What a wonderful holiday we get to celebrate, yet every year it gets overtaken by the consumer-hungry day that follows, also known as “Black Friday”. America is funny. We’re funny, because there is a day filled with fighting over material possessions to purchase with money we don’t have, exactly 1 day after a day spent giving thanks for what we have. Contradict, much?

I’d like to take this time to say what I’m thankful for, Sesame Street style. Here goes:

  • A- Apartment. I’m blessed to get to come home to a warm/cool apartment (depending on the season) every day. It may be small, but it’s all we need for now. Thankful for my comfortable bed I get to lay in every night with my sweet husband.
  • B- Bible. Thankful for God’s Word and the guidance He has gives us through it. Many take it for granted, but I am so thankful I can read my bible without worrying if I’m going to be arrested for doing so. I love digging into scripture and learning more about my faith and strengthening my relationship with the Lord.
  • C- Creation. Of course this is an obvious one. I’m thankful that the Lord created me. I’m thankful for his beautiful creation, such as people, animals and nature. I stand in awe when I see a beautiful sunset or a gorgeous mountain range, because it shows how big our God is!
  • D- Dad. I’m so thankful for my dad and how hard he worked to provide for our family. He spent a lot of time away from us growing up, but I appreciate that now more than ever. I’m thankful for his sacrifice for us. Thankful that he raised our family in a church and showed my sister and I what it means to be in a Godly marriage. Thankful for their 30+ years (sorry, can’t remember exactly how many!) of marriage.
  • E- Employment. I am beyond thankful that I was able to find a job straight out of college. It may not be exactly what I saw myself doing, but I love my job. I love my boss, my co-workers, and our patients. Blessed to work with people who encourage me and follow similar values as me.
  • F- Freedom. Many of us Americans take our freedom for granted. I know I have at times, but I am beyond thankful for all those who have served to defend my freedom. Blessed to be able to worship the Lord without fear and have the opportunity to vote for the leader of our country.
  • G- Girlfriends. I am so blessed to have wonderful, encouraging, hilarious friends. My roommates from college have been such a blessing to my life. I am thankful to have found life-long friends in high school and college. They keep me accountable have shown me what true friendship really is.
  • H- Husband. I have the best husband in the world. I’m so blessed to be married to such a Godly, encouraging, loving man!
  • I- Indiana. I was born and raised in the great state of Indiana. Although I don’t live there anymore, I am very thankful for getting to grow up there.
  • J- Jesus Christ. So thankful for my Lord and Savior. Thankful for his never-ending love and mercy!
  • K- Kayaks. I promise I’m not just throwing this one out there because I can’t think of a word that starts with ‘K’. I really am thankful for the kayaks that my husband and I have. Kayaking is such a fun and relaxing hobby…well, it can be. I love the days in the summer that we spend paddling down the river in our kayaks, enjoying a beautiful, warm day. I love being in nature!
  • L- Love. Corny, I know, but it’s true. I’m so thankful that God has shown me what TRUE love looks like (sending his Son to die for me) and that because of  that, I can love the people in my life.
  • M- Mother. I have the most supportive and encouraging mom ever. I know everybody thinks theirs is the best, but mine seriously is! She sacrificed more than I will ever know as I was growing up and still does! I’m so thankful for her many years of sitting through countless swim meets (God bless her!), driving me all over the place for activities, and providing me with everything I needed, but not always everything I wanted (yes, I’m thankful for that looking back now!).
  • N- Nieces (and soon to have a nephew!). I have the cutest nieces in the world. My sister has to little girls and a boy on the way. Abby is 3 1/2 and Brooklyn just turned 1 in Sept. They are precious and I love spending time with them, though it’s not often due to distance. They are so smart and I love them both so much.
  • O- Ocean. I’m so thankful for getting to vacation at the beach every summer while growing up. My family was blessed to be able to do that and I loved every minute of it. I still love going to the beach when we get the chance. Not much else beats a beautiful sunset over an ocean.
  • P- Pepe le Pew. Pepe is our adorable tuxedo kitten. She has brought us so much laughter. She is a hyper-active, sweet, cuddly kitten. She does some pretty funny stuff and I’m so thankful we got her a few months ago.
  • Q- Quiet Time. I’m thankful that I have time in the morning before I leave for work to spend reading the Bible and having quiet time with the Lord. Also, it’s a blessing just to get to have solitude. So many people don’t ever get a chance to be alone and I’m thankful for the times I get to have a little silence in my life.
  • R- Running. I love to run. I am thankful for the ability to run and exercise. I have recently become a fan of running races, which motivates me to stay in shape.
  • S- Sister. My big sister means the world to me. She is more than a sister, she’s a best friend. I love her and value our relationship so much. So blessed to have been her maid of honor and have her as mine.
  • T- Technology. Though it can be a curse in so many ways, I am still very thankful for the modern technology that we have today. It is beneficial in so many ways. Things like Facebook (to stay connected or reconnect with friends and family), Skype (to see loved ones far away), and cell phones (to be able to get ahold of people when you need to). Thankful for the smart people who created these things!
  • U- United States of America. I am SO blessed to be an American citizen where I am free to believe what I want to believe and be who I want to be. I’m thankful for my country and what it stands for. Most of all, I’m thankful for the men and women who fight to defend all of those things for me.
  • V- Vaccines. This may sound random, but I am truly grateful for vaccines. When I was preparing to go to Kenya a few years ago, I was given 4 or 5 different vaccines. I was able to avoid contracting any diseases while in Africa. I am blessed to have good health. I’ve seen first-hand that so many around the world are not fortunate to have this technology. So many men, women and children in other countries don’t have the opportunity for a vaccine, therefore, making them more likely to develop diseases. SO thankful for intelligent people, working to create vaccines, such as the ones I was given and many others are given every day.
  • W- Western Kentucky University. I’m very thankful for my education and my college degree. I met life-long friends while in college (including my husband) and made some incredible memories.
  • X- X-rays. Ok, I may be pushing it with this one, but it’s one I don’t really think about often, but am thankful to have. X-rays are incredible and we are blessed to be able to have. My dad recently had to have X-rays to see if he needed surgery. The technology is incredible when you think about it. What did they do 100 years ago? Just deal with the pain, not knowing if they needed surgery or not? We are just so blessed to have this available to us today and I’m very thankful for that.
  • Y- Youth. My husband and I lead the youth group at our church. The student in the youth group have blessed our lives more than they will ever know. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve, while hopefully being a model of Christ for them. It’s encouraging to see them grow in their faith.
  • Z- Zach. Zach is my brother-in-law (married to my sister I mentioned earlier). He is a Navy SEAL and spends a lot of time away from his family. I’m thankful for him and what he has done and will do for our country. I’m thankful for the sacrifices he makes so that I can feel safe and continue enjoy my freedom. I’m thankful for ALL of our troops that fight daily for this country.

Shew, I have a LOT to be thankful for…and that’s just ONE thing per letter. I could have listed multiple things for some letters. God has blessed me in so many ways.

So, before you start listing off all of the many things you WANT this Christmas, start by listing off all of the many things you HAVE! Be GRATEFUL and give THANKS. Maybe that will change your perspective a little. 🙂

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

that’s the power of prayer, baby.

You know those times when you get an idea or set a goal for yourself (example: new year’s resolution) and then a week later you stop doing it, or worse…forget about it? This isn’t going to be one of those times for me. Unlike my running schedule, I am very committed to this new goal I have set for myself. That being said, technically accomplishing the goal is not my main focus, but rather experiencing the reason for the goal. With the news that Lane Goodwin, a 13 year-old boy from Kentucky battling a rare form of cancer, passed away a few days ago, it got me thinking about prayer. Everyone was talking about praying for Lane and his family and I just kept thinking how disappointed I was in my self. Why, you ask?

Allow me to explain: I have this tendency to tell others that I am going to be praying for them, like it’s some kind of phrase I just say, but don’t always do. I’m guilty of this 80% of the time (i’ll give myself a little credit, here). And I promise I don’t just say I’m going to pray for someone to make myself look better; that is never my intention. I really do believe in the power of prayer. So it isn’t right for me tell say I’m going to pray for someone or something and then not do it. Here’s my solution: a prayer journal.

Corny? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

From now on, I have no excuse for my lack of prayers for others. The Lord has really placed it on my heart to focus on my prayer life right now and to get out of my lazy habit of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I want to encourage you to do the same.

Here’s my challenge to you: buy a journal, small enough to fit in your purse or backpack or fanny pack (yeah, some people still use those) and make note of the times someone asks you to pray for them or even if you notice a situation that needs prayer. Then, when you go to have your quiet time, read through the journal and pray the prayer requests you have written down. I promise that it will strengthen your prayer life more than you could ever imagine. It’s incredible to see how your attitude changes, too. It has for me.

One last thing I want to leave you with: don’t be afraid to pray for big things. Our God is bigger than ANY of our prayers. He is bigger than ANY of our problems. He loves us and yearns for a relationship with us (conversation!). He wants us to bring all of our burdens to him and lift them up to him. Think about it this way, Jesus prayed…he prayed a LOT. What better example do we have, then from the one who saved our souls?

Therefore,  confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be  healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is  working. –James 5:16

Amen to that!

a lesson from a nonagenarian (apparently that’s what 90 year-olds are called).

It’s no surprise at my job (I work for a hearing aid business) that I deal mainly with the elderly population. It is a surprise, however, how much it has effected me over the past year. Almost every week a patient will tell me about his or her spouse passing away recently, or a new complication they have, or the worst…that this may be the last time I see them. I’ve never really been an overly affectionate person. In fact, I hate PDA, I rarely cry and I’d always rather high-five someone than hug them. But lately, I’ve developed this more emotional sensitive side. I think the problem is is I’m not getting any younger and neither are the ones I love.

Last week, a gentleman told me how hard it is to do even the little things without his wife. He said making the bed without her is hard, eating breakfast alone hurts, and walking at the mall just isn’t the same as going for a walk with her. He left that day and I bawled my eyes out, thinking that could be my husband some day…or worse, me. To imagine my life without my husband is almost unbearable. Even the thought of not being able to call my mom everyday or see my dad or sister or nieces again is enough to make me sick to my stomach. A lot of times I just wish I could freeze things and stay this age forever. But then I remember there is much more to this life than always being young and full of life. The sole purpose of my being is to bring glory to my Lord and Savior.

I think I worry so much about losing those around me, because death is a hard pill to swallow no matter how young or old we are. It’s not easy saying goodbye to the people who were always there for us, who have supported us all our lives, and who taught us all that we know. I do know that no matter what may come in the future, God will provide for me and he will take care of me. He promises that to all who are faithful to him (Psalm 81:10).  So all I have to worry about is living a life for Him. Making sure I love unconditionally, showing grace to those around me, and always trying to set an example for Christ. I pray that the Lord will continue to work in my heart and help me through this recent struggle of thinking losing those most precious to me would mean the end all happiness. As long as my happiness is found in Christ, I have nothing to worry about.

I’m so thankful for my job and all that I have (unexpectedly) learned. God is good.

asante sana, squash banana.

It might just be me, but I feel like here recently there have been a lot of things come up that remind me and make me miss Kenya. I know I was only there three weeks (a far cry from my husband’s five month adventure there), but it was still the best three weeks of my life. I learned so much from the people I encountered and the entire experience itself. I went over to Kenya to help make a difference in THEIR lives and it actually turned out to make a difference in MY life, more than I ever expected.

God is good.

The other day, Chris and I randomly ran into the guy (Dennis) who helped us get to Africa, because his sister started the orphanage we volunteered with. Dennis and Chris met at WKU, a few months before Chris was going to graduate. He decided he wanted to use those five months after graduation to volunteer before starting work. Dennis was a graduate student at WKU who grew up in Kenya, but moved here for education and work.

Every time that I have seen Dennis since our journey to Africa, the memories immediately rush back. All I can think about are those precious kids and their contagious laughs, those adorable smiles and their toothless grins; it almost always brings tears to my eyes.

After talking with Dennis for a while, he introduced us to his friend that was graduating with her Masters from WKU and they invited us to her graduation party. As soon as the words “African food will be there” left his mouth, we were sold. The party was that coming Saturday evening (last Sat.). I was stoked.

When we got to the party on Saturday, they were just about ready to line up for the food. I went through the line and recognized almost every dish on the table. Of course among these was my favorite, chapati (kind of like flatbread). They had goat meat (usually served at special occasions in Kenya – such as christmas and other celebrations), rice (very different tasting from what we’re used to in America), coo coo (chicken), a meat and vegitable mix, and more. I was just so happy to be eating this delicious food again.

It’s funny looking back now, because when I was preparing to leave for Kenya, I thought, “I’m going to lose so much weight while I’m gone. I won’t like any of their food!” Boy, was I wrong. I loved the food! I literally can’t think of one meal I did not like.

Anyways, back to the original point of this post: I MISS KENYA! Everytime I walk into our living room and see the picture of two little boys from the orphanage sitting on our bookshelf, I want to go back. Everytime I pray for Kenya, I want to go back. Everytime I hear someone even mention Africa, I want to go back. I want to go back!

Can you tell I want to go back?

Chris and I are continually praying that the Lord would show us where he wants us to be over the next couple of years. At least I know where my heart is.

PS: Asante sana means thank you very much in swahili. Rafiki was just being silly when he said squash banana in The Lion King.

insurance = empty out your pockets.

Can I just go on a rant right now? The top thing on my most disliked list right now is insurance. Every single time I have gone to a medical facility in the past year I have been told my insurance would do one thing and each time, it’s been a complete lie. How can they sleep at night? Now come on, if they know from the beginning they’re only going to pay a certain amount, just tell me. I can handle it. I’d rather know ahead of time, then think something is going to be cheaper, but then get a big fat bill a week later. Seriously, if I told someone I would give them $50 to clean my house and I only gave them $10, that’d be wrong. I’d be known as a crook. So why do insurance companies get away with it? I’m so aggravated (if ya can’t tell). Recently, I had some dental work done and the office manager told me my insurance would be paying 80%. I got a bill yesterday in the mail saying I owed money when I had already paid the day of the procedure. Turns out, they only ended up paying 50%. It’s the most annoying thing in the world to me. If you’re going to promise something, go through with it! Needless to say, I got nowhere on the phone with people today, so I’ll be paying that bill. Isn’t being a big girl fun? You know it.

Rant: over.