cat lovers anonymous.

I realize that this post is probably going to weaken my argument that I’m not a crazy cat lady. But I swear…I’m not a crazy cat lady. I just think my kitten is hilarious. I was looking through my camera on my phone last night and I noticed I had a ton of humorous pictures of pepe le pew . The photos range from her curiosity to her playfulness to her sleeping positions. Hopefully you’ll get as much a kick out of her as my husband and I do.

Roll that beautiful bean footage…

just enjoying the Word of God.

i kid you not, this is how she slept on me one evening.

clean laundry = cat bed. apparently.

she’s too good for a normal water bowl.

at least she’s giving herself a bath in the correct room of the house. she’s smart.

i guess this is the best hiding spot she could think of.

she likes to go at an all-out sprint and run through the box so her head sticks out. talented.

This is just a glimpse into the personality of our hyper-active, curious, crazy kitten. She’s a hoot.

nashvegas, surprises, and geocaching.

If every weekend were a three-day weekend I would never complain.

Friday and Saturday I went down to Nashville for one of my best friend’s weekend bachelorette trip. We had such a great time and I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in a long, long time. Friday night, we went to dinner and around to various bars on the Broadway strip. Practically every bar has live music there and it’s almost always country (go figure!).  We went to a karaoke bar, but there was an hour before our group would be called up. We met a guy that asked us to come up on the stage with him to be his backup singers. He was performing “this is how we do it”. Classic. Here’s the video in case you were curious.

Later we ran into Jamie Lynn Spears at one of the bars…no big deal. Apparently she lives in Nashville now and is back and forth between there and Louisiana. She was nice about getting a picture with us, though. She looks a LOT like Britney in this picture, too.

Leigha and I with Jamie Lynn

Saturday afternoon we did a scavenger hunt and those are always fun, right? Wrong. It felt like an enormous heat wave hit at the exact hour we headed out the door. Just kidding, the scavenger hunt was actually a lot of fun, I just like to complain. That evening, we went out to dinner again to the Melting Pot (fondue)…mmmmm! It was delicious. And again, we went out to various bars after that. We ended up finding a bar that played rap music. Trust me, I’m not normally in to rap music, but when it comes to dancing, there’s only so many country songs you can groove to.

Sunday morning, we all drove back to our homes and I met Chris in time for church since I only had an hour drive. After church he told me we were going on a picnic and then he had a surprise for me. I love surprises. Our picnic was nice. And sweet. And cute. After that, we headed up this country road and pulled up to a winery. It was really neat there. They took us on a tour of their facility and even let us pick fresh fruit off their vines/trees/plants. They actually grow all of their fruits used in their wines and don’t just add the fruit flavored juice at the end. So their wine is even more delicious than most.

The date ended with us at the river with Chris fishing and me reading a new book (it’s a new-found hobby). Then we played with crawdads for about an hour. It doesn’t take much to entertain us, but really, those things are neat. And fast.

Tuesday night, two of my friends wanted to go geocaching. If you don’t know much about it, here’s a link to the website: Check it out!

It’s basically like a big, world-wide treasure hunt. We found that one was close to us so we used the gps on someones phone to locate it. We were in the exact spot it described and of the gps coordinates. But no treasure. It had been muggled (gasp!). Muggling is someone who doesn’t understand geocaching and takes one of the objects, not realizing it’s part of a game. So needless to say, it was kind of a major fail. I hope to try again soon, though, and actually find the object. I felt a little bit like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure…only minus the billion dollar treasure at the end.

day five – a favorite childhood memory.

I have so many great childhood memories, so it was extremely hard to pick just one. Just thinking back to my neighborhood friends and all of our adventures is enough to write an entire novel. What comes to mind first, though, when thinking of favorite memories is when my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. You might be thinking it’s pretty lame that that is a top moment for me, BUT how we celebrated is what made it so memorable. My parents took the whole family on a cruise and during the cruise, had a ceremony to renew their wedding vows. It was unbelievable and we had such a blast.

A fun thing we were able to do at one of the stops was swim with string rays in the Caymen Islands. At the time, I was completely terrified of the creatures, but looking back I realize how neat of an experience that was. One of my favorite things from the trip (and mainly the reason for this post) was climbing Dunn’s River Falls in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. It was incredible and so beautiful. I remember there was a section during the climb that you could jump off of a rock into a deeper area and my sister and I had so much fun with that. That vacation was one of the best our family took and I will never forget it.

blog challenge.

I’ve decided to do a ten-day blog challenge. Here are the topics:

Day 01- A recent picture of you and ten facts about yourself.
Day 02- Favorite super hero, and why?
Day 03- A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 04- Describe your perfect day.
Day 05- A favorite childhood memory.
Day 06- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 07- A person you would love to meet.
Day 08- A picture of your family.
Day 09- Something you miss.
Day 10- A picture of you last year and recently, how have you changed?

I’ll begin tomorrow.