thirty-three weeks.

33 wks - napa cabbage w txt

If the movement in my womb is any indication as to what this baby will be like than he will be one heck of a soccer player. Or boxer. His punches and kicks have gotten so much more intense over the past week. I’ve even started to feel him get to my ribs. It’s a little painful at times to be honest, BUT I still love when I can feel him move, because it makes me thankful he’s healthy and active!

I did the first load of baby clothes laundry this week. Actually 3 loads! And that’s not even going through all of the boxes we have. I still just can’t get over how awesome it is that we have received so many hand-me-downs. With baby clothes, they wear them for such a short time that they all seem brand new! So thankful! I could barely handle the cuteness of all the clothes. I kept showing my husband just about every little onsie, sock, hat, and pair of pants we had, but I couldn’t help the excitement (and emotions that have come out of nowhere!).

The nursery is still coming along nicely. We did a few more projects and stocked the dressers with clothes, hung a few things and organized his closet a bit. I even started packing the hospital bag. So far it includes his coming home outfit, a robe for me, and travel sized shower items. Still more to pack, but it’s a start!

We have our 34 week appointment next Tuesday, so we will see how much he’s grown and get the whooping cough shot.

We have our second and final shower this weekend in my hometown thrown by my sister. I’m excited to see family and celebrate Isaiah again! It should be a good time.

twenty-three weeks.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am beyond thankful for ALL of the blessings in my life! I have such a wonderful family, great friends and a healthy baby boy in my belly. The Lord is so good.

We are at my in-laws for the holiday so my picture this week is a little change of scenery.

Weighing in at nearly a pound and a half, Isaiah is growing like a little weed! He is supposedly going to gain about 6 oz a week for the next few weeks. I guess this is his big growth spurt time.

Unfortunately I’ve been having more heartburn in the last few days. I’m starting to pop Tums like they’re Lifesavers….which, in a sense, they are. It’s nice they provide some relief from the burn! Hopefully that doesn’t stick around long….

Only a few more weeks (hopefully) until we’re in our new home! Looking forward to it!!

Turkey Day 2013

got my hurr did.

Last week I got my hair cut and I’ve been meaning to upload a picture, just kept forgetting. I thought I’d snap a quick picture and share (in case anyone was just dyyying to see it).

the new do.

After the race, I was positive I wanted nothing more to do with my long hair. It’s hot and took forever to dry and fix in the morning. I love my short hair; it takes me about 10 minutes to get ready now. Bring it on, hot, humid, muggy, kentucky, summer weather. Bring it.

In other news, Chris and I are playing on our church’s intramural co-ed softball team. We had two games last night. We lost the first one (which we were hanging with them until the last inning when things went a little bonkers). But thankfully, we came back a won the second game. We played different teams each game. I was very pleased with how well everyone played. I think we have a good team and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season goes. Playing all this softball has made me miss it. I played all of my childhood and it brings back some great memories. ::sigh::

Alright, enough of memory lane.

On a completely different note: VACATION to NYC is just 42 days away. hallelujah!

day ten – a picture of you last year and recently, how have you changed?

Last year:                                                                  This year:


I feel much hasn’t changed about me since last year. My hair style is a little different. I recently got it cut with layers and bangs. But other than my hair, I don’t feel there has been much change. It’s really hard to notice physical changes in people from one year to the next. It’s usually more drastic and obvious over a larger period of time.