thirty weeks.

30 wks - cantalope w txt

I think this means we’re in the home stretch? Ten more weeks to go! Super exciting, yet scary at the same time.

Baby’s kicks have been getting a lot more powerful in the last few days. Sometimes you can touch my belly and feel the outline of his foot. It’s pretty neat and my husband even got to feel it the other night.

Speaking of that awesome husband of mine, thanks to his amazing Christmas present I am going to a prenatal (expectant mommy) message tonight. I am looking forward  to this more than you will ever know. I scheduled it for after work so that after the kiddos I work with stress/wear me out today, I can detox and relax at the spa. Sounds perfect.

Isaiah is now (supposedly) using all five of his senses. What a big boy! He is a little over three pounds and about 15-16 inches long, which is really close to a baby’s birth length. He still has some work to do on the weight. My doctor said the baby typically starts to gain about a half a pound a week near the end of the pregnancy.

I’m not sure what’s more strange to see…my growing belly or my disappearing belly button…hmm.

My first baby shower is this weekend, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law throwing it for us! It will mostly be my husband’s family and some friends from around the area. My sister is throwing me one back in my hometown for family and friends over that way. I am excited to see everyone and can’t wait to see what great things Isaiah gets! We are so blessed with such generous people in our lives!!

twenty-five weeks.

25 wks - eggplant w txt

We finally got the results back from my glucose screening test from last week and I passed with flying colors. Woo hoo! Way to go, blood sugar levels! On the downside, my iron was a bit lower than they liked to see, so I’m taking an extra iron supplement to help with that. Other than that, things are going great with the pregnancy.

This week we attended a couple of classes that were offered by the hospital where we’ll deliver. Wednesday was a breastfeeding class and, much to my surprise, was very informative and educational. I thought it would be impossible to learn anything without actually having the baby present, but I stood corrected. There is a lot more to breastfeeding than I realized and I am very glad I went and thankful they provided the class.

The next evening, we attended an infant CPR class. It was also very informative and good to be refreshed on what to do in case of an emergency. I pray we never have to use what we learned on our baby boy!

Only a week until we head to my sister and brother-in-law’s with my parents for Christmas. I’m so excited to see them and my nieces and nephew. AND have two weeks off!

twenty-four weeks.

24 wks - spaghetti squash w txt

Well, twenty-four is my lucky number so it’s only expected that it will be a good week.

I’m really behind with posting this, but it’s been a crazy week. We had another appointment on Thursday with our OB. Everything is great with the baby and we heard his little heartbeat again. He also had the hiccups while we were listening on the doppler.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help but laugh. Our baby is getting bigger and unfortunately, so am I! But I know it’s for good reason!

I had my glucose test at the appointment as well. All you do is fast for a few hours before the appointment and then drink a 10 oz bottle of this orange, sugary drink and after an hour they take your blood. It’s just to ensure your body is able to handle and break down the sugar, because it’s common for some women to develop a form of diabetes when pregnant. It’s not a permanent thing, but can be dangerous if it goes undiagnosed. It really wasn’t as terrible as I was envisioning, but I still wouldn’t drink it for fun. It burned my throat. My doctor did say if I didn’t think the drink was all that bad then I had a serious sweet tooth…um, guilty?! We will find out the results of that test in the next couple of days.

It’s been crazy weather here the past few days. On Friday, my school was closed and my husband was able to work from home that day, so we didn’t leave the apartment the entire day. It was icy, snowy and just plain nasty. It has cleared up now, but I hope the snow sticks around, because it’s so pretty!

We took our Christmas Card pictures on Saturday and with all the snow they turned out pretty good. I’ll post them closer to Christmas!

twenty-two weeks.

22 wks - grape fruit w txt

Well, we are officially under contract with a house! That doesn’t mean we have closed on it yet, because there is still much to be done as far as inspections and paperwork, but we are so close! Please say a prayer that the inspection goes well this week! If all is good and all goes to plan we should close on it by the first of the year.

Now on to the reason we’re here…baby! I was reading on my “What to Expect” app on my phone yesterday that this week our baby will start to really pack on the pounds and will be double the weight he is now by the end of the month. Shew, hopefully I won’t be!

Have you ever heard of the term “Pregnancy Brain”? Well either way, it’s real and it’s happening. Yesterday I almost forgot my cat had a vet appointment to get her yearly shots and I had just looked at the calendar the night before! The other day I was telling a story to someone and THREE times I forgot mid-sentence what I was about to say. It’s a little embarrassing, but I try my best to laugh it off…

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving next week! We get to see lots of family and eat tons of delicious food…and just in time for my growing appetite!!

twenty-one weeks.

21 wks - papaya w txt

Boy, does this boy like to move it, move it! He is constantly moving around and kicking. It’s mostly when I’m sitting or laying down, but it’s crazy how active he is. Sometimes I think he might be practicing Kung-Fu in there…

We had another ultrasound this week just to check a few things from our last appointment, but I never mind having them, because it just means we get to see his precious little face again. Everything looked healthy and his growth and measurements were right on track with where he’s suppose to be right now, so that is good news. Praise the Lord!

One fun thing we did this week (well I think it’s fun, my husband probably doesn’t find it as exciting) was register for some classes at the hospital where we’ll be delivering. I am taking a breastfeeding class and then he will join me for the “New Baby Care” and “Infant CPR” classes. They may turn out to be pretty common sense classes, but I feel it can’t hurt to take them…especially when they’re free!

Thanks to some friends and family, we have already received so many baby clothes and accessories that I had to go buy some storage containers to put them all in. We are so blessed to have such generous people in our lives. This boy will surely not go unclothed in his lifetime (well except while making his debut, but what do you expect?).

twenty weeks.

20 wks - pomegranate w txt

We’re halway there! I can’t believe we get to meet our baby boy in 20 weeks (give or take a few days)!

Some updates on baby Isaiah this week: He now has taste buds, which means I need to eat lots of the things I want him to like as he’s growing up so he’ll be used to them! He’s about 11 oz. in weight now, according to my ‘What to Expect’ app. It’s crazy to think he’s that small. He is constantly moving around and/or kicking. The kicks still aren’t too violent at this point. I’m not looking forward to when that changes..

I can tell I’m getting a little bigger day by day, because I’m starting to feel some pain in my back a little bit. That’s no fun when you work with kids all day and are on your feet a lot (no swelling in the feet at least!).

We created a gift registry today and added a few items to the list. It’s exciting picking everything out, but it also makes it seem even more real that it won’t be long before our baby is using those things!

our gender reveal!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days so far in the pregnancy. Not only did we get to see the baby for the first time since it was seven weeks, but we found out we are having a BOY!! We could not be more thrilled with the news. Of course, we would have been equally as excited with a girl, but it’s just being able to call ‘it’ a ‘he’ now is the best feeling ever!

We knew we wanted to find out the gender before the baby came, but we didn’t necessarily want to find out at the doctor’s office. We didn’t want  to do a gender reveal party, but we still wanted to do something fun and (somewhat) original. We think we came up with this idea, but I’m sure it’s been done.

Before the appointment we purchased two tubes of acrylic paint (light pink and light blue) and a baby pumpkin. We had the doctor put the paint color of the gender in a box we painted up all cute. After the appointment we went to a nearby park and opened the box to reveal the color and painted our pumpkin! We had so much fun doing it this way and we even got to capture our reactions on a video!

Here are some pictures:

Gender Reveal

DSC_1284 DSC_1285  DSC_1286

Gender Reveal 2


We cannot wait to meet our baby boy, Isaiah! Praise the Lord for new life!

eighteen weeks.

18 wks - mango w txt

Is it just me or did the sweet potato from last week seem bigger than the mango? Either way, baby Leachman is growing like a weed. He or she (man, I cannot wait to not have to say both everytime I talk about it…or say ‘it’…) is now half a pound and 6 inches long…according to my What to Expect app. If you don’t have this app and you have an iPhone and are pregnant, you are missing out. I look at it almost every day to see how big the baby is, posts on random parenting/pregnancy topics, and the countdown to baby’s arrival! Download it if you haven’t already. End commercial.

I came down with a bit of a cold over the weeknd, which was zero fun, because there’s not much medicine one can take while pregnant. Oh, how I missed nyquil. But I am feeling much better now and praying that doesn’t come around again.

We began one of the scariest, most exciting parts of our marriage last week…house hunting! What a grown-up decision…but I guess it’s about time. We are hoping to have a home by Christmas. We shall see…

One week until gender reveal! Stay tuned for the announcement.

seventeen weeks.

17 wks - sweet potato w txt

I felt him or her move this week! The little wiggle worm is finally big enough for me to feel it moving around in there. I’ve felt it twice for sure and maybe another time. Right now it is hard to tell because it’s so faint. It feels like a little twitch in my belly. So cool that it’s our baby!

I finally gave in and bought my first pair of maternity pant and two maternity tops. I love my new jeans! They are so comfortable and I don’t have to mess with unbuttoning them when I sit down and forgetting to button back when I stand up! Little embarrassing.

My maternity pants might even come in handy when I’m not pregnant, for times like Thanksgiving and Christmas when I eat so much food I can hardly fit in my regular pants. 🙂 haha

Only two weeks until we find out if it’s a little mister or miss. We can’t wait!

sweet sixteen (weeks).

16 wks - onion

At first I felt like the pregnancy was going by extremely slow, but once we announced it to the world it has seemed to fly by. It’s hard to believe 9 weeks ago today I heard the heartbeat for the first time…seems like it was just yesterday.

One of my best friends is pregnant right now as well and we are due 5 days apart from one another. Our (very small) baby bumps got to meet over the weekend when we had a girls weekend (college roommates) since we all live in different towns. It’s fun to go through this process with a friend.

I am slowly but surely starting to show a little more each day. The upside…People at work are actually starting to believe that I’m pregnant. The downside…my pants are starting to feel pretty uncomfortable. It might be about that time to invest in some maternity clothes.