it’s dancin’ time!

Tonight I was a proud alumni. I always am, but tonight I was even more so.

WKU basketball has won back to back Sunbelt conference championships now. It was an incredibly fun tournament to watch. It wouldn’t be a WKU game if it didn’t come down to the last few seconds.¬†And if you’re as competitive and intense as me, you really get into the games and stress out a bunch. Sorry people at the bar that had to hear me yell. There were some really bad calls at the end.

Now that we won the Sunbelt conference, we are going to the NCAA MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT! Whew, got excited there. We went last year, but lost to UK early on. This year, we could definitely go further. We have some great guys this year. They are young too, so if we don’t, there’s always next year! We’ll just have to see…


typical big red…