day eight – before and after.

I like to refer to this moment as “cat got your tree”. Yes, we have a 6 month-old kitten who loves to destroy anything and everything I work hard to make look nice in our home. She means well, but she’s destructive. At first she did great with our Christmas tree. She didn’t touch it for the first week. All of a sudden I come home from work one day and I find our tree just like you see in the right photo. Star hanging by a thread, ornaments all over the place, branches spread apart, tree skirt on the floor, and the one gift I had under the tree knock over. Really, cat? Let’s just say she had one heyday on our tree. Nonetheless, I guess it made for the perfect before and after picture for my blog photo challenge. Here is day eight…

cat got your treeIt’s hard to stay mad at her, because she’s so darn cute. I’m just hoping this isn’t a sign of every Christmas to come.


cat lovers anonymous.

I realize that this post is probably going to weaken my argument that I’m not a crazy cat lady. But I swear…I’m not a crazy cat lady. I just think my kitten is hilarious. I was looking through my camera on my phone last night and I noticed I had a ton of humorous pictures of pepe le pew . The photos range from her curiosity to her playfulness to her sleeping positions. Hopefully you’ll get as much a kick out of her as my husband and I do.

Roll that beautiful bean footage…

just enjoying the Word of God.

i kid you not, this is how she slept on me one evening.

clean laundry = cat bed. apparently.

she’s too good for a normal water bowl.

at least she’s giving herself a bath in the correct room of the house. she’s smart.

i guess this is the best hiding spot she could think of.

she likes to go at an all-out sprint and run through the box so her head sticks out. talented.

This is just a glimpse into the personality of our hyper-active, curious, crazy kitten. She’s a hoot.