girls weekend + boys.

It’s always a good weekend when you get to spend it with your best friends from college. And how do you make it even better, you ask? Invite all of your husbands along, of course. I love weekends, but I feel like I blink and they’re over. Not cool, weekend, not cool. Here’s a recap for your enjoyment….


1. Before rippin’ up the slopes (ok, maybe not, but we like to think so) at Perfect North. We actually didn’t ski or snowboard; we tubed. I had never done this before at a ski resort, but it was actually a lot of fun. There were lanes where groups of about 20 could go down at the same time, holding on to each others inner tube. It was a blast. Our husband’s had been skiing/snowboarding all day, but they met up with us when we got there to tube. I’m glad they joined us, because they are silly and make everything funnier. It was very much worth it, even if I couldn’t feel my toes for the rest of the night.

2. Extreme makeover: Katy perry make-up edition. We had fun giving ourselves makeovers at Sephora in the mall. It doesn’t get much better than a free, overdone makeover in a town where you know zero people. You can be as silly as you want. Other than being mistaken for professional ice skaters, I think we did pretty good.

3. Besides the fact that my husband looks like he’s about to rob someone in his ski mask, I like this picture from our first tubing experience together. We had so much fun, even if he did get in trouble for jumping over to my tube halfway down the slope. We’re married, lady…it’s not inappropriate. Oh well…

4. I have very attractive friends. I wish that my glasses had been a uni-brow. Those are my favorite. I just can’t avoid laughing when I look at this picture…it gets me every time.

After such a great weekend, it made it incredibly hard to come back to work this morning. Not that I don’t love my job (because I do), but let’s be honest, every working person despises Monday morning whether you enjoy your job or not. At least the high for Wednesday is 70 degrees (say whaaat?). Oh yeah, I forgot we’re in Kentucky though, so it’s back to a high of 36 on Friday. Cool.

Have a great week!