mamma mia.

Happy Mother’s day to all of the wonderful moms out there, especially the one I call mamma.

wedding day.

I don’t think I have a bigger cheerleader, better friend, or more supportive person in my life than my mom. I’m not saying my other family members and friends aren’t those things, but when I think back to all the years of her raising myself and my sister, I know for a fact my mom sacrificed more than I can ever imagine. She truly put herself last when it came to her baby girls. She was at every sporting event, every play, every musical; every big moment in my life, she was always right there by my side. I’m so blessed to be her daughter and I seriously thank God as often as I can for giving me such a loving, caring, sacrificial, hard-working, Godly woman for a mother. What a great example she has been for her children and it will only be echoed (I pray) as I try to raise my future children the way she did. And that same great example is seen through her marriage to my dad for over 30 years. She’s my hero and she always will be. Thank you mom, for putting up with me for 18 years at home and still putting up with me 6 years later. I love you.

Of course, I made my mom a collage flower pot, too. She loved it!

flower pot #2

diy collage flowerpot.

Over the weekend I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine and I made this collage flowerpot for her! I got the idea awhile back after I saw a picture on a blog, only it was the person’s grandkids and I changed a few other small things about it. But I thought still, what a cute idea for a newly married couple! So, I printed off pictures of the two of them and bought a plain clay flowerpot at the store. Then I taped the pictures and the initial “M” to the pot and then added ‘mod podge’ on top to weatherize it a bit – so if it rained, the pictures wouldn’t get ruined. Then I painted the top part of the pot and the dish it sits on black. I just used acrylic paint for that. Finally, I added a green polka-dot bow to give it some color (and if you can’t tell people, I’m not a professional bow tier, so cut me some slack). Green is her favorite color, so I thought that would be appropriate. It turned out better than I expected and I’m very thankful for that, because I was a bit nervous when I was making it, that it wouldn’t turn out good. To add a little something extra, I placed black tissue paper in the bottom of the pot and stuck bamboo kitchen utensils all around it.